You're Mom: A Little Book for Mothers (And the People Who Love Them)You’re Mom: A Little Book for Mothers by Liz Climo
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remember at the start of this pandemic when liz climo so generously created a free coloring book to keep us all outta trouble during lockdown and it was freaking adorable? in my dinky little review of it i vowed to give back by buying her new mother’s day book and here we are—this arrived yesterday and today is mother’s day and i am still in lockdown and that’s okay.

i’ve read all of liz climo’s cartoon collections, and a couple of her picture books. i thought this one was going to be a collection of her cartoons—single page ha has around the theme of motherhood. however, this is more like one of her picture books—illustrations accompanying a single narrative thread celebrating mothers and motherhood. since i am a motherless, childless person, at first i was disappointed

however, even though it is absolutely one of those bookstore gift table books, it’s not full of poetry and cheesy pastel sentiments, but it IS full of adorable animals!

and also animals with those faces only a mother could love

she’s perfect


baby panda- nailed it!

there are also creatures whose behavior only a mother could love


but moms struggle through it all, yeah?

but then this!!??

why you gotta do me dirty like that, climo? I’M NOT CRYING, I’VE JUST BEEN IN LOCKDOWN SINCE MARCH! I AM FRAGILE!

fortunately, she made it up to me with 8 pages of red pandas, which was unexpected and greatly appreciated.

anyway, this book is great, even if it doesn’t apply to your particular life-situation. and it would be A VERY THOUGHTFUL GIFT so go on and shore up our economy!!

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