Peanut Butter PuppiesPeanut Butter Puppies by Greg Murray
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i loved this guy’s first book, Peanut Butter Dogs, SO MUCH that it’s an absolute crime that this follow-up WITH EVEN SMALLER DOGS has been out for more than four months without my being aware of it.

i was so excited to see this, i bought it on the spot, without so much as flipping through its pages. i for sure didn’t have the willpower to wait until i was back at work, where i could have ordered it into the store and taken advantage of my employee discount.

i needed these puppies IMMEDIATELY, you see…

here you will find more than seventy puppies (okay, seventy-one, but still) enjoying the pleasures of eating peanut butter and getting it all over their fuzzy snouts.

PERRY – 8 weeks, labrador/pit bull mix

but this time around, they are all rescues:

I chose to photograph only rescue dogs for Peanut Butter Puppies to help bring continued awareness to the importance of pet adoption. To save an animal’s life is an amazing privilege. Beginning here, and moving forward, I have committed to only featuring rescue animals in any of my books.

not only is he good-deeding his model choices by focusing on rescues, but he’s also choosing to highlight specific breeds that get a bad rap, so there are a lot of pitties up in here:

CALI – 5 months, pit bull mix

ZOLA – 8 weeks, pit bull mix

SUNNY – 10 months, pit bull mix (oh my god that EAR!)

and this little one i never would’ve clocked as a pitty:

BAILEY – 5 months, pit bull mix

the pitty-heavy focus is fine by me—i root for every pit bull competitor on america’s top dog unless they’re up against minion, who OWNS my heart

because he’s such a little scrapper

look at him GO!

when he goes in for that second bite on the “bad guy,” i cheer every time. and, yes, i have watched this sev-er-al times because minion is an inspiration and a balm for my soul.

murray repeats the safety tips put forth in the first book w/r/t dogs and peanut butter and some guidelines about acceptable quantities of pb consumption for pups,

although some of these seem to be disregarding his suggestions

WALLABY – 7 months, blue heeler

basically, it’s all about the dog-to-peanut-butter ratio.

SCARLETT – 10 months, saint bernard

she can have it ALL.

interlude to play “who wore it best?—peanut butter edition:”

SHELDON – 1 year, shetland sheepdog/pit bull mix

LILY – 1 year, dachshund

but really, all you need to know about this book is tongues

ECHO – 4 months, boxer mix

QUINT – 1 year, dalmatian

CROWLER – 7 months, pit bull mix

ARLO – 4 months, doberman pinscher

and if a little peanut butter could turn mr ed into a star

maybe these pups are the next big thing!

BUGG – 5 months, shepherd/retriever mix

REED – 6 months, corgi/terrier/miniature pinscher mix

CHEDDAR – 5 months, australian cattle dog

in conclusion: RESCUE THESE TONGUES!

BEAN – 7 months, labrador retriever/boxer mix

DINKERS – 7 months, shih tzu mix

NESSA – 8 months, pit bull mix

GINNIE – 10 weeks, chihuahua mix

because, really, every dog is a balm for the soul. GET YOU ONE!

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