I Wish I Had a PetI Wish I Had a Pet by Maggie Rudy
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this book makes me want to be maggie rudy’s pet.

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just to curl up next to her chair by the fireplace and watch her make these teeny tiny felt mice and carve these teeny tiny tables and probably watch her duck underneath regular-sized tables to hide when wes anderson starts pounding on her windows begging her to come outside and play. i will bark at him for you, maggie rudy!

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this book is both the cutest thing ever and an important series of things to keep in mind if you are a child about to get your first pet. or an adultno judgment. it’s a combination of gentle reminders acted out by adorable animals that’s the hamburger around the heartworm pill. or, if you’re a human, that mary poppins song about (presumably) human medicine.

because pets are great, but they are also A LOT OF RESPONSIBILITY

but you can’t say that to a kid when you’re at the shelter (because that’s where you’re getting this pet, RIGHT?) and they’re bouncing up and down just so excited to bring home smoky or bounder or fluffernutter and they’re just gonna be brushing you off if you start talking about responsibility and character-building & etc.

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but that’s why we have little felt mice to raise up our young!

because there’s a lot to consider when choosing a pet, like allergies, other family members’ comfort, or not choosing more pet than you can handle

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and then all the caring for the pet in obvious ways, like making sure it is house-trained and kept clean and tidy

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but also the less-obvious to children (and maybe adultsno judgment) ways; making sure it’s not bored and making sure it gets enough exercise and stimulation, because toys don’t care if you ignore them (except stuffed animalsthey totally have souls), but pets get a little rowdy when they need more attention.

and of course

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it’s a really clever way to cover all the basics of pet ownership, which emphasizes “fun” at every opportunity: Pick a pet that’s fun to care for, Pick a pet you’ll like to exercise &etc.

because what’s more fun than this?

 photo IMG_5392_zpshgofd573.jpg

but honestly, even if you have no intention of getting a pet, or if you already have a pet that will not tolerate your getting a new pet, this book is worth it just as photography of the work of an incredibly talented woman with a fantastic eye for detail and the ability to create things that make me crumple with envy inside.

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 photo IMG_5394_zpszy1a54fg.jpg

so if anyone needs me, i will be underneath a chair in portland.

and i am totally house-trained.

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