Dogs in CarsDogs in Cars by Lara Jo Regan
My rating: 4/5 cats
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this only gets four stars cats (let’s call it 4.75), not because it doesn’t deserve five, but because i have just a TINY bit of disappointment. i thought the whole book was going to be pictures of dogs gleefully hanging their fuzzy heads out of car windows, fur blowing in the breeze, tongues flapping out; enjoying a good drive as only doggies can.

 photo DSC00506_zpsd97a5724.jpg

and not that this isn’t freaking adorable

 photo DSC00521_zps6b09cffb.jpg

or this

 photo DSC00504_zps23aec4c6.jpg

 photo DSC00503_zps68a3cc05.jpg

but this – oh god – too many dogs!

 photo DSC00512_zps7e1bcd03.jpg

and while there is plenty of this, plenty of exactly what i wanted

 photo DSC00520_zpsb48a6488.jpg

 photo DSC00518_zps0b987627.jpg

 photo DSC00516_zps2e1c2fa8.jpg

 photo DSC00514_zps909ffc4e.jpg

 photo DSC00511_zps94af7851.jpg

 photo DSC00510_zps21e18baf.jpg

for some reason, i’m still mildly disappointed that the perceived theme has been broken. this might just be the lack of painkillers talking. final word is that it’s a wonderful book with amazing adorable photographs, i love it like crazy, and it cheered up my whole night after my crummy day. but a girl’s gotta do what she feels, so 4.75 it is.

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despite unexpected oral surgery, where they STOLE MY GUMS and were stingy with the painkillers, causing a very crappy start to the day, this book came across my desk JUST NOW, nearly a month before publication and fixed everything. (except giant hole in mouth)

this happens all the time with “regular” books, but rarely with the fun photo books and they’re NEVER finished copies, just ARCs missing lots of their content. “photo TK” thumbs down. but THIS is perfect, beautiful, and a book i was already going to buy, and now i am going to leave work early (or “earlier than usual” – it’s already after 5 and i have been utterly useless today), go home and read this book like crazy while i eat mashed white beans and avocado (soft soft soft) and then watch runway.

this day has suddenly become AWESOME.

except still ouchie

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