Dog ShamingDog Shaming by Pascale Lemire
My rating: 5/5 cats
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there are regular people, like you and you – who go to a bookstore and see a book like this, and exclaim “there’s a book of this??”

and then there are people like me, the amish, and the mole people, who go to a bookstore and see a book like this and exclaim “there’s a website of this??”

yeah, i’m behind on the times. so for all you mole people and amish friends who somehow found this review, look! a website!

and i was going to take pictures of my favorite doggies in this book, with their shamed or defiant expressions, and the declarations of what they had eaten/destroyed/pooped on, but then you wouldn’t buy the book! so i am just going to take some images from the site itself, which is probably also a no-no, but at least i won’t be taking money out of their paws!! i suppose i could also just not use any images at all, but 1) what kind of a book report would that be??, and 2) then you wouldn’t get to see any pictures of doggies!

like these!

and this one! shame! but who hasn’t been there?

take note, cirque de soleil

this one has the best face ever

this one would fit right in at chez karen

this one, too

this is my dream dog. i need to be able to blame my lack of sociability on someone else’s bad behavior

and since it doesn’t make sense to have only one dog:

this one also goes in my shopping cart.

but not you. NOT YOU!

you have to stay out! bad doggie!

and while these are adorable and funny, the ones in the book are even better. start your holiday shopping early!

i leave you with this.

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