T-Rex TryingT-Rex Trying by Hugh Murphy
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why have i been reviewing so many of these silly little books lately?

i am so glad you asked, imaginary interviewer! this whole week i have been struggling through The Abominable, not because it is bad, but because i have been so busy at/exhausted from work and i miss my daily review-writing regimen, plus goodreads has been so gloomy lately, we need a little fun, plus-plus—holiday season is upon us and who doesn’t like giving/getting books like this for holiday? no one! except those poor humorless bastards who turn their nose up at anything that even smells like entertainment over intellectual rigor. to you, i thumb my adorable nose. get over your damn selves and LOOK AT THIS T-REX TRYING TO DO THINGS!

90% of the jokes are “the t rex has short arms that prevent him from doing things we take for granted!” but it never gets old!

look at this t-rex trying to put on a cardigan!

 photo DSC00753_zps582eced9.jpg

(the paper in this book is absurdly thin, so try not to be peeking ahead!)

look at this t-rex trying to clean his ears with a q-tip!

 photo DSC00754_zps1dc69b49.jpg

look at this t-rex trying to paint his house!

 photo DSC00769_zpsa2a98dde.jpg

look at this t-rex trying to get the prize out of a cereal box!! his face is so sad!

 photo DSC00755_zpsf809b516.jpg

look at this t-rex trying to use water wings!!

 photo DSC00756_zps1d40b36c.jpg

look at this t-rex trying to do a trust fall!

 photo DSC00758_zpsa171dd7b.jpg

look at this t-rex trying to build a ship in a bottle!! cranky!!

 photo DSC00759_zps50fb544d.jpg

look at this t-rex trying to ride a horse!! hahaha his arms have nothing to do with his predicament!

 photo DSC00760_zps5a551eb8.jpg

look at this t-rex trying to hang glide!

 photo DSC00761_zps9b56677f.jpg

look at this enthusiastic t-rex trying to play red rover!

 photo DSC00762_zps19e46c6b.jpg

look at this t-rex trying to win at an auction!! so sad!!

 photo DSC00763_zpscd0aa6e2.jpg

jason—look at this t-rex trying to hang curtains!

 photo DSC00764_zps8dfc33dc.jpg

look at this t-rex trying to be king of the world!

 photo DSC00765_zpsf82428bb.jpg

look at this t-rex trying to cross his arms in discontent!! this would be the thing i would miss most if i were a t-rex.

 photo DSC00766_zps6a7d214e.jpg

look at this t-rex trying to start a lawn mower! and look at that callback!

 photo DSC00767_zps8d1ba39c.jpg

and, finally, look at this t-rex trying to use sunscreen!! awwwwww!

 photo DSC00768_zps766c8911.jpg

i love this t-rex so much!! he tries to do so many other things! but don’t take my word for it!!

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