Deceptive Desserts: A Lady's Guide to Baking Bad!Deceptive Desserts: A Lady’s Guide to Baking Bad! by Christine McConnell
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this is a cookbook written by a lady whose life is made up of equal parts glamor and horror:

she cavorts saucily in her yard with fuzzy animals:

 photo IMG_8657_zpsb2flgdie.jpg

but is assailed by tentacles in the supposed safety of her own kitchen:

 photo IMG_8638_zpsukwfzdcp.jpg

this is a cookbook i bought for myself that i will probably never use, but i LOVE looking through it and imagining i am the kind of person who would make these things.

because how awesome would i be if i showed up at a potluck with a pile of kitten cannolis?

 photo IMG_8640_zps8vqtfkfk.jpg

answer: i would be the most awesome. of all time.

and how luxurious would it be to have the kind of free time to make funnel cake shaped like a tornado?

 photo IMG_8639_zpszwxigtcs.jpg

answer: very luxurious.

the recipes themselves don’t look complicated, but they do require finesse in their construction, and a certain artfulness that’s gotta be time-consuming. one does not just casually make serpentine cinnamon rolls, after all.

 photo IMG_8650_zpsn3nty7zo.jpg

i mean, unless you’re this lady:

 photo IMG_8653_zps1hkmdoqp.jpg

who apparently majored in awesome in school.

the recipes aren’t all animal or horror or horrific-animal themed, but those are the ones that interest me most:

crab cakes

 photo IMG_8641_zpsouplg6ur.jpg

chocolate squid gelatin with a brownie base

 photo IMG_8645_zpskd8git9v.jpg

tarantula cookies

 photo IMG_8651_zpsplmjb040.jpg

a freaking facehugger cookie

 photo IMG_8642_zpsejqigque.jpg

perfect for terrorizing cats

 photo IMG_8643_zps3awiapri.jpg

speaking of cats. there are lots of cat-shaped treats here.

angel food coconut cat cake

 photo IMG_8646_zpsbhuygy1g.jpg

caramel popcorn cat

 photo IMG_8649_zpsdr7qcv2c.jpg

there’s a freaking popcorn ball under all that! with chocolate pretzel spider legs! the mind reels!

and then there are scream berries.

 photo IMG_8647_zpspwu02kpi.jpg


 photo IMG_8648_zpsj0s6u0ks.jpg

way to make a girl feel inadequate, ms. christine mcconnell…

there’s even something for greg:

 photo IMG_8637_zpsikyjn9vu.jpg

i love this book, i admire this lady, and i’m free to attend any dinner parties she might want to throw in queens. because we sure could use some elegant peppermint bark bonsai up in here…

 photo IMG_8656_zpsuhqhktso.jpg

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