Treat!Treat! by Christian Vieler
My rating: 5/5 cats
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i’m powerless to resist these books. while other people may be satisfied getting all their dog-related content from the internet’s generosity: dogs underwater, dogs shaking, dogs upside down, dogs eating peanut butter, old dogs, young dogs, wet dogs, etc, i’m an old-fashioned girl who likes to turn the pages to discover the next sweet muttface.

all of that and i’m actually a cat person.

this particular book features many shots of 66 different dogs being tossed a tasty treat and either catching it:

missing it:

or caught somewhere in the act; that shivery in-between moment of Schrodinger’s snack where anything is possible:

the joys of this book are threefold.

NUMBER ONE – dogs who are cute. this is easy. who doesn’t like to look at cute dogs?

especially the really expressive ones with their people-faces:

NUMBER TWO – dogs caught in the moment, where they look silly

or scary

NUMBER THREE – the physical comedy of poor doggies who have missed their treat entirely and are getting bonked with treats:



again, especially the really expressive ones with their people-faces:



obviously, there are opportunities for overlap, and also some outliers. for example, here are cute dogs with great expressions who are also winners:

and here are some aloof dogs who refuse to participate:

sometimes, people make grand pronouncements like “the joys of this book are threefold…” as a way to organize their thoughts on dogs being cute and doing things, without pausing to consider the math of it in any rigorous way. these people apologize for setting up false expectations and hope you weren’t taking notes because this will not be on the final exam.

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