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Yielding to the Giant Slug (Monster Hunter Conquest)Yielding to the Giant Slug by Mandoline Creme
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siena can!

when i got my seeecret valentine monster erotica bundle from me seeeecret monster erotica valentine, this was the title i was most looking forward to – erotica about a giant slug?? THIS is why i read these things, to discover the weirdest pairings i can, and point my finger at them and giggle! because it is rude to do that in real life.

once again, we find siena, fearlessly going off into the world to fight monsters. although at this point, isn’t she just asking for it? how many monsters does she have to “yield” to before she stops calling herself a monster hunter and starts being more precise in her job description? one does not “accidentally” do too many jello shots at a frat party more than once, if one is honest with oneself.

you know what you are going out there to do, siena!

or maybe she thought that a giant slug would not have the wherewithal to trick her the way she has been tricked oh so many times before.

but she was wrong.

because although the slug is the strong, silent immobile type, it still has the power of stickiness, and it traps her in its gelatinous folds and proceeds to dissolve both her weapon and her clothing.

“Oh my gosh, really?” Stunned, she flickered a look from her ruined top, to the slug beast. “Are you honestly eating everything but me, is that it?”

ahem. patience, my dear, it is coming…

Wide eyed, emerald pools gaped down into the translucent skin, which she was firmly entrenched in once more, like it had chosen to harden around her again. Stuck in place, her hands at her sides, her legs braced wide, she witness the slow but steady destruction of her clothing.

The only thing left to protect her dignity was a soft curl of golden hair over her pussy.
That, too, soon began to melt away, causing her to shout. “Oh, come on!!”

All the little branches running over her flesh were unlike anything she had ever experienced, and her senses were flooding with a heart beating rush of arousal.

“Seriously, what’s wrong with me?” She thought in a flicker of clarity.

what, indeed? but whatever is wrong with her, the slug does not seem to mind, and manages to both give and receive intense pleasure with our dear monster “hunter” siena.

but don’t worry!! because this time, she is actually going to get her revenge!

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and there you have it. there you have it.

Once more, I’m walking back naked, and with nothing to show.”

story of her life, poor thing.

if you are interested in reading reviews #1-2 of this delightful bundle, they can be found here and here.

and now my valentine’s gift is over and done with. like the slug – snif.

but if i ever track this down:

there might be more treats for all…

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