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Filled by the ClownsFilled by the Clowns by Fannie Tucker
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fulfilling my goal to read one monsterotica a month in 2022.

monsterporn. some people read it for sexxiness, others read it for laffs, some dismiss it out of hand as silly or puerile, but like fairytales (also frequently dismissed as juvenile), monsterporn is full of lessons, sometimes the verysame lessons as fairytales: don’t walk there, don’t talk to strangers, do kiss a frog.

this one provides a crash course in the do’s and don’ts of job hunting. since i am, myself, terrible at job-hunting, i have consulted a number of online resources to help track jordan’s successes and failures on her way to the (big) top, and i will be playing the part of someone who knows what the heck they’re talking about.

also, this story is not technically monsterporn. i thought it was going to be about spooky scary clowns, like these:

but sometimes a clown is just a clown. my bad.

quick backstory: eighteen-year-old jordan brooks lives in smalltown colby falls, kansas. she just graduated high school, and she works as a waitress at a diner, but she wants to make something more of her life, so she heads to The Jallingo Brothers Circus seeking employment. this is her story.

it’s important to Dress for success, and jordan shows up at the circus wearing her “best lavender blouse,” with a skirt and pumps, “because it looked professional.” when her outfit was described, i rolled my eyes because it seemed a little prissy for carny work (Dress appropriately for the industry), but then i learned, when it comes to interview attire; It’s better to be slightly more formal than required than to come to the interview dressed too casually, as this gives the appearance that you are not serious about the position. If you’re unsure at all, dress better than you think is necessary. jordan’s instincts are better than mine. for now.

obviously, it is a no-brainer that you should make an appointment for an interview, but if you must cold-visit a business, take into consideration the business’ hours of operation and choose an appropriate time to pop ‘round. in jordan’s case, she rolls up to The Jallingo Brothers Circus after hours, the night before they pick up and leave town. bad move. first of all, a deserted carnival is creepy AF:

The night wind sent discarded ticket stubs and cigarette butts tumbling like dead leaves across the cracked asphalt of the fairgrounds. The Jallingo Brothers Circus stood dark and empty, the front gate closed and sealed with a heavy chain and padlock…Somewhere inside the temporary fence that marked the border of the traveling circus, relentless calliope music still blared from a tinny speaker. There was an urgent, threatening cadence to it, as though no one dared to tell the calliope player that quitting time had come and gone.

second of all, the hiring manager’s not likely to be prowling around the perimeter, searching for fresh talent. jordan’s method for Getting her foot in the door seems destined to fail:

She stood at the gate, her fingers hooked in the chain link as she leaned against the steel mesh, searching for movement in the gloomy alleys beyond.

“Hello? Is anyone there?” she called. Please. I can’t go back home. Not tonight. Not ever again.

you never want to go to an interview reeking of desperation, so it’s to jordan’s credit that she confines her thirstier thoughts to her inner monologue.

you want to stand out and Be Memorable, even if there are no other applicants for the job (and maybe not even a job?), however, jordan’s tactic for getting noticed comes off a little misleading:

“Hey!” Jordan called, rattling the gate for attention. “Hey! Come here! Help me!”

appealing to the kindness of carnies is a gamble in itself, but implying that you are in danger is maybe not the way to Make a good first impression.

Jordan let go of the wire mesh and turned to go, dreading the long walk back to her cheap apartment.

jordan accepts defeat quickly, failing the job-hunting advice to Be persistent. But then she hears a voice:

“Whaddya want?”

jordan does not Speak with confidence.

“Uh…hi. My name is Jordan Brookes [sic.]. I live here in Caliche Wells. I’m…I was hoping I could apply for a job,” she stammered.

“We ain’t looking for nobody…Get lost.”

but jordan’s not looking to go gentle into that creepy night

“Wait! Please. There’s got to be something. It’s hard to tell in the dark, but everyone says I’m pretty. I could sell tickets or wear one of those sparkly leotards. I’ll work for minimum wage. I’ll even put in extra time!…I finished high school last year. I took honors classes all four years.”

The stooped man rolled his eyes, and his voice dripped with sarcasm. “Ooh, well why didn’t you say so? The circus always needs more honors students.”

Jordan winced. “Sorry, I guess that’s not really important, but I’m a hard worker. I’ll do whatever you need.”

ok, let’s unpack this. jordan did communicate her willingness to work hard and start at the bottom (Sell your strengths and expertise), but also goofused into a no-no: Don’t offer unnecessary details. The interviewer wants to get to know you, but sharing long stories or irrelevant information can distract from your qualifications. she buried the lede of her assets under the unnecessary details of how pretty she is, and blurting out her educational background was an unintentionally insulting misstep (Offer concise answers that relate to the role and company).

the takeaway here is to lead with your assets and abilities (including educational merits if appropriate) before trying to coast in on your looks. no one’s gonna hire you just because you’re pretty. i mean, unless you’re REALLY pretty.

although her little speech comes across more flaky than professional, it works and hump (for that is the carny-receptionist’s name), relents, going from “get lost” to “come meet the boss,” opening the gate and escorting her to big billy’s trailer.

during this journey, jordan fails to heed the many red flags (the chain rattled “like old bones,” the hinges “screamed in agony,” the paint looks like “wet blood”), but those are considerations for a more traditional monsterporn review. we are staunchly career-oriented today.

arriving at the bossman’s trailer, jordan is greeted by the silk-robe-clad irena, who calls her “Kinda cute,” and a “cute young thing,” before ushering her inside with a perky “Come on, honey.”

this is borderline unprofesh but if jordan had done her due diligence: Research the company, check out the website, Facebook page, Twitter feed, and other social media before the interview. How does the company present itself, its workplace culture, and its employees?, she would have known whether this kind of cheerful intimacy was just part of the jallingo brothers’ company ethos. but she didn’t. it should also be noted that she didn’t even bring a dang resume.

The worst mistake you can make is to skip the pre-interview research stage of preparation. Let’s repeat this—the worst mistake you can make is to skip the pre-interview research stage of preparation.

but also the resume thing.

Jordan forced a smile onto her face as she climbed the three tall stairs that led up into the trailer.

good job, jordan: Smile. It makes you seem warm, and it changes the tone of your voice in a positive way.

inside, she discovers william jallingo (a.k.a. big billy) in full casual friday mode, “swirling a crystal tumbler of something honey-colored” and relaxing after a hard day of fleecing rubes:

A man reclined at the end of a long couch with his patent leather shoes propped up on a table bolted to the floor. He wore tuxedo pants and a cummerbund, but no shirt, preferring instead to display a broad chest covered in thick black hair. A bushy moustache partially concealed his handsome face, and his blue eyes sparkled in the shadows beneath a top hat that perched atop his head at a jaunty angle.

it’s weird to be confronted with your potential boss’ nipples during an interview, but to be fair, he hadn’t anticipated a late-night candidate for a nonexistent job. every employer is going to have their own techniques for conducting job interviews. billy’s methods are very informal:

Irena went to the couch and splayed herself out with her in his lap. Her silk robe slipped open, revealing a pair of red lace panties and the inner curves of her ample breasts, but she didn’t make any move to cover herself. She stretched her body out with the langour of a sleeping cat, watching Jordan with a sly smile on her lips as she reached back to caress the man’s thigh.

this atmosphere may seem a little bonkers but remember: Interviews are designed to see how you react to challenge and it’s important to Stay poised and relaxed. jordan does not, allowing herself to fumble into another interview-don’t: Don’t get intimidated.

”Hi,” Jordan said, feeling suddenly small and insignificant. Big Billy projected an aura of a man larger than life, and in his presence, she sensed that she was nothing more than a bit player in his show.

Big Billy let the seconds slip by as the silence hung between them, one arm draped across the back of the couch.

there’s nothing wrong with a slight pause during an interview, in fact: Don’t be afraid of silences. Sometimes leaving pauses in your sentences will help you command the situation better.

however, it’s a bad sign if you stall out before you’ve even introduced yourself or explained why the heck you’re there interrupting a couple’s cozy night in. i mean, ordinarily that particular dynamic wouldn’t be a factor during a job interview, but it’s always helpful to Read the room.

additionally, Do maintain eye contact. This is important from the moment you enter the room. It keeps the interviewer engaged with what you have to say, and it projects confidence and interest.

…Without taking his eyes off Jordan’s, he [sic.] his arm fall and slipped his hand beneath Irena’s silk robe to fondle her breast. He grinned as she let out a quiet moan.

big billy understands the importance of sustaining eye contact. jordan neither maintains eye contact (bad) nor ogles the boob-fondling sitch (good), choosing a third option that fails the Don’t get distracted/stay focused test (bad).

Jordan squirmed uncomfortably and studied one of the Jallingo posters, which showed a stylized depiction of Big Billy fending off a pack of lions with a chair and a bullwhip.

billy eventually breaks the awkward silence

“You’re after work, you say?” Big Billy said at last. “Can you work with lions? Our last tamer was eaten, I’m afraid.”

Jordan shook her head, hoping he was kidding. “I don’t have much experience, except for waiting tables. But I’m a quick learner.”

good job, jordan! Never lie about past employment missteps or pretend to have skills that you do not have. A good interviewer will see through an attempt to mislead. And even if your lie does get you to the next stage in the hiring process, you’re likely to be disqualified later in the vetting process.

because jordan has done zero research, billy lays out the corporate structure, helping her Navigate the organizational hierarchy

“Everybody in this circus starts with the clowns. You want to work with Jallingo Brothers, you go through them.”

jordan faces a challenge: Don’t show signs of panic and don’t lose your cool if things take an unexpected turn or you face a tough question. Also don’t rush while answering. You don’t want to blurt something out that you can’t take back, so stay calm.

“The clowns?” Jordan frowned. She’d always found clowns a bit creepy.

points to jordan for not blurting her clown-reservations aloud.

Big Billy brushed aside the front flap of Irena’s robe, then cupped her full breast in his hand and gave it a hard squeeze. The woman moaned, arching her back as she writhed on the couch, but she never took her eyes off Jordan.

it’s clear that, like billy, irena also values eye contact, and she’s probably had to encourage the practice in others with one of those “my eyes are up here!” reminders. jordan is flustered, what with the prospect of clowns and the reality of nudity, and she flubs the next part a bit:

“No, clowns are fine. I mean, I just didn’t think you’d want me to be a clown.” Jordan glanced down at Irena, trying to ignore the way her pink nipple stood firm and erect between Big Billy’s fingers. “Should I come back later? It looks like you’re in the middle of…”

Big Billy laughed amiably as if he wasn’t fondling a woman right in front of her. “I don’t want you to be a clown, girl. I said everyone starts with the clowns. So go on, get started.”

to her credit, jordan did try to Determine [her] interviewer’s most convenient time, but she didn’t listen and stay focused on the information the interviewer is providing, so she misinterpreted billy’s instructions.

jordan’s next test is Meeting the Team, in this case, the clowns. billy sends her to the big top, giving her a second shot at Following directions with his parting words:

“Do whatever they say. If they’re happy with your performance, we’ll make a place for you here.”

no room for misinterpretation there, right? and so jordan heads off to the second part of the interview.

She hurried out, eager to be away from the unsettling gazes of the strange couple. Jordan hadn’t had many job interviews, but this one ranked as the strangest by far.

wait until you get to the “Do whatever they say” part of things…

it is a truth universally acknowledged that sometimes your co-workers are going to be clowns. still, it is crucial to Treat other people you encounter with courtesy and respect. Their opinions of you might be solicited during hiring decisions.

in the big top, jordan encounters her triad of evaluators, finding them Dressed appropriately for the industry in full makeup and floppy shoes, juggling, drinking, and falling over with mad laughter.


SMACKO: Beneath thick makeup painted to resemble a merry smile, he had a sinister, calculating look.

DONGLE: His face was painted to look sad, and he had a voice deep and slightly slurred, as though he’d been sneaking nips of whiskey for several hours.

WONKERS: A squat, broad-shouldered fireplug with orange hair and a mad ruby grin that stretched from ear to ear, who let loose a string of wild giggles as he collapsed into the sawdust, which stuck to his striped overalls as he rolled around clutching his belly.

step one of interview two: Introduce yourself with your full name in a confident voice

“Big Billy sent me,” she said, trying to control the tremble in her voice.”

oops, jordanfail.

try this one: Walk tall and confident

Jordan walked toward the center ring, her feet dragging as though they knew something she didn’t. As she stepped into the ring, the three clowns encircled her. She felt suddenly like a lamb among wolves.

this is how i always feel during a job interview, but be better than me, jordan!

Smile and engage with each interviewer and nod slightly as he or she speaks.

Smacko seemed to be the leader, so she turned to him first, glancing left and right to keep an eye on the other two.

great, great, we’re back on track, so Introduce yourself with your full name in a confident voice, take two:

“I’m Jordan Brooks,” she told Smacko. “I’m here for a job, and Big Billy said everybody starts with the clowns.”

excellent! this is going very well so far, don’t you think?

”Everyone starts with the clowns, but we always come last!” Smacko said.

okay, weird response, but let’s roll with it. the interview begins with the clowns bringing out a trunk.

In the back of her mind, a quiet voice whispered at Jordan to run for the exit, that she didn’t want to know what was in that trunk. Instead, she held her ground.

now, in a normal monsterporn review, i would be on the side of listening to one’s inner voices and being very cautious, but—again—today we are only focused on acing the job interview, and running away from a walk-in interview is very poor form. but really, what’s inside the box?

it’s…a ballerina outfit! A skimpy little spandex outfit festooned with rhinestones. A frilly skirt encircled its waist.

jordan is hesitant at first, but she wants to Be a team player, and let’s not forget that, unbeknownst to these clowns, she already made an offer to sell tickets or wear one of those sparkly leotards, so here’s her chance!

Let the interviewer feel in control. Let them take the lead and follow the general direction that they’re guiding the conversation in. Chances are they have certain things they need to find out from you in order to know if this job is a good fit. And the more you help them gather this info, the better they’ll feel about you as a candidate (even if you’re missing one or two pieces of experience).

spoiler alert: from this point forward, one may argue that jordan takes this advice too seriously; relinquishing control, following the interviewers’ directions, and allowing them to ass-ess if she’s a good fit for in a variety of positions, but she really wants this job, and she’s eager to Score a success in the first five minutes. she asks where the dressing room is.

A chorus of laughter answered her, and Smacko shook his head. “We have no secrets in the circus, dear girl! This tent is a one-room affair. But never fear! We’ll cover our eyes!” Smacko brought up a hand, but left his fingers splayed apart, clearly peeking. A mischievous smile matched the mocking twinkle in his eye. Jordan could feel the other two staring at her back, eagerly watching to see what she would do.

Jordan’s heartrate quickened, and her face grew hot as sweat beaded on her brow. She felt very vulnerable. Growing up in rural Colby Falls, she had rarely been around people she didn’t know. Now she was alone with three strange men. Very strange men.

And they wanted her to take off her clothes.

she doesn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to become a…wait, what is this job again? whatever it is, she’s determined to Exhibit a positive attitude. The interviewer is evaluating you as a potential co-worker. Behave like someone you would want to work with.

It’s a test, she told herself. They’re just trying to freak you out.

at first, she tries doing that modest-change thing shy-breasted girls do in middle school locker rooms, but the clowns, hooting like a predatory bunch of howler monkeys, start playing power games, holding the costume out of her reach and demanding she trade her shirt for it. Many interviewers view job interviews as adversarial: Candidates are going to try to pry an offer out of the interviewer, and the interviewer’s job is to hold onto it. Your job is to transform this “tug of war” into a relationship in which you’re both on the same side.

in this case, the “offer” is a slutty tutu. it’s not the most dignified process, and if jordan had prepared for this interview, learning how to Be ready to handle illegal and inappropriate questions, she could have had an assertive reply at the ready: “I’m not sure how that’s relevant to my application.” even without preparation, she manages to follow what would be good advice in any other job interview: Treat the interview seriously and as though you are truly interested in the employer and the opportunity presented and Develop a Connection With the Interviewer.

Grimacing, Jordan turned back to Wonkers. Letting him see a little skin can’t hurt. She slipped out of her blouse, exposing everything but the firm, round breasts sitting high in the silk cups of her bra. Wonkers’s eyes widened, and he let out a long, loud whistle of appreciation, then tossed the outfit. But instead of throwing it to Jordan, he threw it high, and it sailed over her head. She turned and saw Dongle snatch it out of the air.

“Oops!” Dongle said, waggling the costume in front of her.

“Give me that,” Jordan told him.

“Now now, say please,” Smacko chided. “We prefer ladies with proper manners!”

She looked at Dongle and smiled sweetly. “Please.”

good job, jordan! you remembered to smile and to show your interviewer that you don’t get rattled.
but that’s not enough and now they want her bra. this interview has gone sideways quickly. this is probably a good time to mention this bit of job-hunting wisdom: Expect to be treated appropriately. If you believe you were treated inappropriately or asked questions that were inappropriate or made you uncomfortable, discuss this with a Career and Professional Development advisor or the director. but there ain’t no oversight committee in monsterporn, so jordan’s shit outta luck.

Jordan’s breasts jiggled as she shook out the sparkly little leotard with a garish tutu around the waist. In nothing but a satin thong, she felt wildly exposed. She’d never even let her high school boyfriend see this much of her.

the leotard, she quickly realizes, is crotchless. naturally.

Jordan stood among them, angry and full of shame. She had come to the Jallingo Brothers Circus hoping for a ticket out of this town. She hadn’t come to be humiliated.

“Can we get on with this?” she asked, unable to mask the desperation in her voice.

remember this? Chances are they have certain things they need to find out from you in order to know if this job is a good fit. smacko does!

“Now we test you, to see how you can best fit in with our merry troupe!” Smacko clapped his hands. “Dongle! The high wire!”

Dongle hurried over to one of the support beams and gave a mighty tug on a dangling cable, then looped it through an eyebolt. Smacko gestured toward a long ladder leaning against the pole.

“If you would please, climb the ladder and walk across the high wire, Jordan,” Smacko said, his voice airy and casual, as if he’d simply asked her to get him a drink of water.

Jordan gaped up at the silvery wire swaying in a gentle arc some thirty feet above the sawdust. “Are you crazy?”

in my research, i didn’t find any tips saying Don’t ask if the interviewer is crazy, so it’s probably okay. jordan tries to leave,

“You know what? I don’t need this. I’m going home.”

but she realizes she’s gonna have to walk home in this crotchless sparklemess because they have stolen her clothes. although dongle is wearing her bra over his eyes.

“The test isn’t over, Jordan,” Smacko said in a chiding tone. “Time to walk the wire!”

“No,” she said, crossing her arms over the spangled tights. Wonkers leaned in to get a better look at the way the outfit’s revealing neckline showcased her cleavage.

although jordan is giving in to bad impulses: you shouldn’t cross your arms or do anything that makes you seem hesitant or closed-off, in this specific instance, i think it’s the right call because she doesn’t want to send mixed signals with body language that is positive and indicates interest. because she has lost interest in this job, whatever it is.

”I won’t do it,” she repeated, trembling with anger now.

Smacko shook his head in disappointment. “Pity. We could use another trapeze artist around here. Our last acrobat took a one-way trip into the sawdust.”

wait, so that’s two deaths. that jordan knows of. she might have known about more if she had bothered to Research the industry and company.

somehow, the interview continues, and jordan manages to score some points with eagerness and honesty: if you are missing key experiences or skills in the job description, be truthful, and then leverage the conversation back to your strengths.

“I know! Can you ride an elephant?”

Jordan hesitated, feeling a small thrill at the thought of sitting astride such an enormous creature. “I can try! I used to ride horses as a kid. I’m sure I can…”

“That’s too bad! We don’t have an elephants [sic.], Smacko said.

“She can ride my elephant,” Dongle said.

Be honest about elements of your experience or employment record that may not be ideal for the position.

Smacko rolled his eyes. “Ignore this oaf. What about fire eating?”


“Sword swallowing?” Smacko winked at Wonkers when he said this, and the clown’s high titter felt like a cheese grater against Jordan’s jangled nerves.


Smacko let out a theatrical sigh. “I guess that leaves only one option.” He cleared his throat and straightened his bowtie. “Jordan Brooks, I hereby name you the official Jallingo Brothers Clown Happiness Manager.”

hey, jordan: Don’t wait until the very end of the interview or for the interviewer to ask if you have any questions to ask about the aspects of the job you want to learn more about.

“What’s that?” Jordan asked.

suddenly, the damn calliope music starts up and the tent is spotlit by still-shirtless ringmaster big billy, gleefully microphoning her clown happiness manager status to the delight of the already pretty happy clowns. the final stage of the interview begins with these chilling words:

The jolly trio closed around her.

let the monsterporn begin!

“Okay, Jordan. Time to manage our happiness.”

but first: Ask questions as the conversation develops and show initiative and confidence. The more you can make the interview into a conversation, the better rapport you’ll create with the hiring manager.

“What do you want?” Jordan tried to sound strong, but her words came out in a trembling whisper.

The tall clown smiled warmly. “Clowns make people happy, Jordan. But who makes the clowns happy? That’s your job!”

“How?” She was afraid she already knew the answer, but for some reason, she wanted to hear him say it.

Dongle stepped up behind her and put his hands on her shoulders. Jordan jumped in surprise, but he tightened his grip so she couldn’t slip away. The clown’s deep voice rumbled in her ear, its tone dead serious now. “You already know the answer to that. Get on your knees.”

here’s where all advice fails. bail on this interview, jordan. for real this time.

“Now,” Smacko said. “Show me you know how to make a clown happy.”

a blow job interview is still technically a job interview AND SO Jordan leaned forward and took the clown in her mouth.

everything from this point on is wildly unprofessional and if you find yourself in a job interview where your prospective employer utters the phrase “Relax. Let it happen.” you do not want that job.

jordan doesn’t need job advice at this point, she needs a big sister or a sassy gay friend.

although we have already discussed being honest about missing key experiences or skills in the job description it is also important to know When to Hold Back.

She had never done this before; her high school boyfriend had never worked up the nerve to pull down his zipper despite the aching bulge that tented his jeans each time they were together.

jordan is a virgin who has never even given a blowie, but as she’s already told us, she’s a fast learner and she’s very motivated. her efforts are appreciated.

“I love to see initiative in a new employee. Miss Brooks! Now strap in, because we’re about to pile into you like a clown car.”

big billy proves to be a very hands-on boss, indeed, masturbating while observing jordan’s on-the-job training and also operating the spotlight from above.

lots of things happen rapidly, the most interesting of which is that all three clowns’ carpets match their drapes. and even though she has the job (she does have the job, right?), she’s still eager to show them what she can bring to the table. which is mostly, at this point, her multiple entrances. The best way to show confidence is by sitting in an “open stance.”

Smacko’s strong hands pried her legs apart. He laughed softly. “First time with three men at once?”

“First time, period,” she admitted.

this is the perfect time to drop that truth-bomb. she wasn’t qualified for the job, having never worked in that position before, but she gave it her all and it turned out she was a great fit after all! She had entered the tent a virgin, and now she was anything but. it’s positively aspirational!

”Well, you know what they say, right? Once you go clown…”

“You forget how to frown!”

this seems to be true—before this point in the story, jordan has frowned twice, but she never frowns after this. however, smacko frowns twice, FWIW..

An interview is like any other conversation – it’s a dance in which you and a partner move together, both responding to the other. jordan dances with multiple partners and learns so many moves.

The clown’s hand filled her with urgent desire, and she knew that she wouldn’t simply endure whatever debasement these clowns had in mind. She would savor it.

she’s gunning for employee of the month.

Shameful pleasure rolled through her in waves; she couldn’t believe she was letting a strange man do this to her. She had a strange vision of the bleachers packed with the people of Colby Falls, all of them watching in a state of appalled horror as the clowns deflowered and defiled her young body while her innocence fell like droplets of sweat to into [sic.] the sawdust.

who says there’s no poetry in monsterporn?

When it comes they come, be as relaxed, flexible, and as engaging as possible and boy, is she ever.

there is one red flag, though (nope, just the one). towards the end of jordan’s clown-pound, this occurs:

Sensing her impending climax, Smacko pulled his cock out of her mouth, then gripped her jaw and forced her to look up at him. He waggled an admonishing finger. “Remember what I told you? Clowns come first.”

but, if you recall, what smacko actually said was “Everyone starts with the clowns, but we always come last!” watch yourself, jordan, a gangbang initiation is one thing, but you don’t want to work with a goldang liar.

How to Wrap Up and Exit: Make sure you don’t rush the ending or leave without thanking them and making eye contact. The last impression matters, and even if you’re feeling tense/nervous, or worried that the interview didn’t go well, now isn’t the time to stress. Focus on what you can control in the moment, which is to leave a good final impression.

it must be said that no one here “wraps up,” which is worrisome, but the interview seemed to go well, and no one rushed their endings.

It ended with the exhausted calm that follows a prairie thunderstorm rumbling away across the plains. An unnatural stillness infused clowns and woman as they slumped exhausted on the platform, all of them panting. Jordan’s mind reeled as the final aftershocks of orgasm quivered through her fatigued muscles. Warm fluid seeped from every opening, and her whole body ached from what the clowns had done. Her skin felt sticky from a mix of grease paint, semen, and sweat.

soooooo did she get the job?

“Bravo!” Big Billy Jallingo called from the spotlight platform. “Encore!”

“I did what you wanted,” she called to Jallingo. “Now what?”

now she gets her real company uniform, much more modest than the trainee tutu: a baggy green and red jumpsuit with yellow pompoms running down the front. she also earns a new name:

“You’re not Jordan Brooks anymore. You’re Jobbie now. Jobbie the Clown. One of us.”

“One of us, Jobbie,” Dongle echoed.

yikes. so maybe this WAS monsterporn after all!

i’m working on a mini-review in the traditional style called WHAT’S JORDAN’S DEAL? which i will post here as BONUS CONTENT.
you have been warned.

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