Tiny DogTiny Dog by Yoneo Morita
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look, i know that everything is cuter the tinier you make it, but think of all the DANGER these poor puppies will face in life!!

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you know what happens when show dogs are overbred and they face all kinds of health problems and their hips break and their eyes fall out, but MY, aren’t their coats shiny? well, what do you think will happen when you start breeding puppies to be this small?

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how will their little hearts even function? how many thoughts can their tiny brains even hold? (although i bet their wee kidneys are adoooooorable!)

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this is going too far, japan! yes, i know they are cheaper to feed and easier to transport and their mini-poops are probably so precious you don’t even have to pick them up, but remember what happened last time you thought something was ‘so cute?’

yeah, didn’t think i knew about that, did you? well, we have investigative journalists over at pbs and we know all about it.

so you need to rein in this crazy science RIGHT NOW!

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because if i’m putting on my slippies in the morning and i crush two puppies, that is really going to put a damper on my day.

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also – judging by these pictures, tiny doggies like to play around human food-and-drink, and that’s just asking to be eaten. unless… unless that’s been your goal all along? i would say “way to perpetuate a stereotype,” but it’s not even your stereotype. you’re just borrowing shit from your neighbors’ stereotype pile.

japan, i don’t even know what to do with you right now. just … stop making dogs so tiny. or send me one, to bribe me. but make it a chow chow

‘cuz that shit looks delicious.

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