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Sex with GhostsSex with Ghosts by S. Gater
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…yeah, i guess that’s sexy…

for all of you who are sick of this monsterotica journey i have found myself on – i have just read TWO REGULAR NONSEXY books that i will be reviewing today or tomorrow – this is just an interlude. look: people keep sending me this stuff, and i have to keep reading it! these people, they are worse than enablers; they aren’t just putting it into my hands, they are actively hanging out on street corners where they know i must pass, and they whisper to me, “little girl… little girl… you want some ghost porn??” and i say “noooooo – i said i would stop after bigfoot porn! and i said i would stop after gargoyle porn! and i said i would stop after swamp monster porn!! people are already threatening interventions!!! and isn’t ghost porn just like masturbation???”

and with that, they knew they had me.

because they knew i would have to find out the truth…for science.

this is part of a four-part collection called the monsterbanger collection, featuring the exploits of husband and wife team angela and jack merkin. they go out and screw monsters for fun and research. and who am i to turn that away, frankly? it is one part ghost, one part mummy, one part bigfoot, and one part gargoyle. i really only wanted it for the gargoyle erotica, but now that i have these other ones just here on my computer, i feel like i have to finish them.

and then i’m done.

after delilah’s smoky the bear erotica.

then i’m done.

then i will get back to dickens. no, charles dickens, you fool.

okay – will i ever talk about this book??


so, ghost porn.

is not like masturbation. apparently, ghosts have this sort of, well, i will let her tell you:

wherever the ghost’s ectoplasmic essence made contact with her flesh, her skin grew warm and tingly, and every nerve-ending seemed to fire at once, producing a rush of the most intensely pleasurable feelings imaginable.

how wonderful! and that was just with one ghost, in this hotel-that-used-to-be-a-brothel. but then another comes in the room. and comes in the room. and then more more more more. she loses track after a dozen or so, but she has a very good time, and the ghosts are freed to the afterlife, so she has performed a very important service for ghostkind. yayyyy angela! meanwhile, her husband gets the short end of the stick again, and only gets to do it with one female ghost. but his experience sounds pretty exotic and i think he got his money’s worth. ghost ladies can do some things that human ladies cannot. and i will leave it up to you to find that out for yourself. i refuse to be the only one reading monstererotica. you know you want it.

but this story kind of makes me terrified to go to anaheim for ALA and stay in my hotel room all alone. if i can’t even say “no” to monstererotica, how will i say “no” to a horny ghost?

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