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animals are diiiiiirty…

okay so there has been a lot of controversy regarding the above review. “it doesn’t tell us anything about the book,” “it’s stupid,” “your reviews are childish,” “why are you so pretty??” (that last one may have been taken out of context) and it’s true—i was being unfair. when you are selecting a book about animal sex for your youngster, it is important to make sure you are choosing the best or most appropriate one on the market. it’s like choosing a nursery school, in terms of the effect it will have on the child’s ability to integrate itself into society and get ahead and since i had to add this one to myself, the responsibility falls on my shoulders alone. so: this book shows how various animals have sex, but not in a moodlit, soft-core kind of way. these animals don’t mess around; there are no money shots, no tedious dialogue or ridiculous window dressing. these animals are here for sex, not for a poorly constructed poolboy-asks-for-a-glass-of-water scenario. so if you like your snail-on-snail action free from pretension, this is the book for you.

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