Reasons My Kid Is CryingReasons My Kid Is Crying by Greg Pembroke
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another blog-turned-book i am just hearing about now. late to the party, getting the joke too late… but this shit is hilarious, so i don’t mind being all alone.

now, some of you, knowing me, may look at this book and think, “oh, karen likes it because it is a book full of crying babies and their distress gives her pleasure.” untrue! while i may not like kids overmuch, i am not a monster!! and there is a certain measure of uncomfortable recognition in these particular distresses. i find myself able to relate to some of these kids. because these are perfectly valid reasons for crying:

i hate when there are no more presents.

smart kid. mind the goats. they never have good intentions.

been there. zoos are a complete tease.

and these kids pretty much mirror my feelings towards the beach:

also familiar:

and while i haven’t faced these particular problems, i can completely understand how frustrating it must be:

and these are all things i have personally complained about on various aifafs, in one way or another:

and the number one reason for crying:

that kid is pissed, as well he should be. you throw him in a pen and give him a stack of books roughly 20 words each and think that will be sufficient?

but don’t start calling me “mommy” just yet, because many of these kids are still bafflingly opaque:

who doesn’t want to be the pink unicorn?? kid, there’s gonna come a time when you would kill to be able to wear that outfit again.

and who doesn’t want to meet bill murray??

and here’s just a bunch of assorted giggles, which make me appreciate the fact that my cat’s bad behavior is not nearly as maddening as a tiny human’s would be, although it is regrettably less comical:

this book cracked me up like crazy, and i have created my own submission:

this is me, sad that i finished the new tana french book and now i have no more tana french books.

i am a big fat baby

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