Old Faithful: Dogs of a Certain AgeOld Faithful: Dogs of a Certain Age by Pete Thorne
My rating: 5/5 cats
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old dogs are the new black.

 photo IMG_6245_zpsd4apjsds.jpg

this is the third “old dog” book i’ve read in the past year or so, along with Dogs with Old Man Faces: Portraits of Crotchety Canines and Dog Years: Faithful Friends, Then & Now, and i still have My Old Dog: Rescued Pets with Remarkable Second Acts on my to-read list.

this was my final book of 2015, which i read on new year’s eve because my book-ocd required me to end my reading challenge on an even number. 279 is ugly and jaggedy, 280 is soft and huggable.

and i’m looking at these noble old pooches with their whitened muzzles

 photo IMG_6249_zpsbggusynx.jpg

 photo IMG_5865_zpsywx7w9ug.jpg

 photo IMG_6247_zpsp5thrg2p.jpg

and filmed-over (or extracted) eyes

 photo IMG_6248_zpswnh5vyeg.jpg

 photo IMG_5862_zps1lw1knpa.jpg

 photo IMG_5860_zpsol1okmgc.jpg

and the year is ticking out its final hours and i’m sitting there quietly drinking booze and reading these stories by the dogs’ owners reminiscing about their long journeys together over the years; their dog’s temperaments, where they were rescued, and how their faithful friends are slowing down now with age, AND I GOT ALL MISTY!!!

 photo IMG_5856_zpsz6zct3hh.jpg

and i don’t know why!! i don’t even have a dog right now, old or otherwise, and my cat is immortal and will never age a day and is going be my special girl forever, but regardless, i was all AWWWWW OLD DOGS!!! drip drip leak

 photo IMG_5864_zpss6n5x3ac.jpg

but can you blame me? all these beautiful smelly old boys and girls with their sweet soulful eyes.

 photo IMG_6254_zpsu0wgyzjn.jpg

 photo IMG_6246_zps3jrj1wae.jpg

 photo IMG_5857_zpsvxiargd0.jpg

i mean – look at that. there is nothing those eyes have not seen.

 photo IMG_5858_zpst1knitpg.jpg

and all those little old cuties whose teeth have fallen out over the years, causing their tongues to scootch out the sides of their mouths

 photo IMG_6252_zpspscqvsrd.jpg

 photo IMG_5868_zpsm1qgt5tz.jpg

i just wanna squeeze them all up!

but then you have to wonder if that thing about how people start looking like their dogs after a while has any truth to it.

for some, it wouldn’t be a bad thing at all – handsome silver foxes and all

 photo IMG_5855_zps22mr9jn2.jpg

 photo IMG_5859_zpsgevyige0.jpg

but for some others – eek

 photo IMG_6255_zpsmm9bc6na.jpg

 photo IMG_6250_zpstz1gtgrw.jpg

at any rate, old dogs make me cry. is what we learned at the end of 2015.

what will we learn in 2016?

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