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My Robot Body Will Make You CumMy Robot Body Will Make You Cum by Dixon Heurass
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wow. just…wow.

okay, this is just… wow.

so. robot sex.

what is this about? well, it is about a man who meets a woman at a halloween party who is insatiable.he is dressed as a robot, she is a nurse, naturally, and they find they have a great deal of sexual compatibility.

he has a huge dick. at some point, she punches it during their first lovemaking session. punches it. amazing.

he is not a man you take home to mama – he enjoys taking pictures up girls’ skirts and shoving his lovers over fences. and she is a special kind of woman, the kind who has nipples the size of thumbs and yells things like “gimmie that hot robot cum, you piece of fucking metal!!”

so they get married, but the bedroom gets boring. and he still actually wants to be a robot.

katrina is unwilling.

“I need a hot, meaty dick. You know that! A metal rod isn’t gonna be able to satisfy me!”
“Sweetie, we could design whatever dick you want! You’d get the perfect cock, engineered to
pleasure you!” They would never see eye to eye on this. Katrina was just so old fashioned and unwilling to keep up with the changing world all around her.

what a square…

and a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. so he does. and now he is a robot. with like a million dicks, each larger and more specialized/terrifying than the last.

hips and pelvises creak and “shatter”, rusty bear-trap jaws rip fabric, James pulled out once more and Katrina’s now huge, cavernous snatch sagged in on itself like soufflé removed from the oven too early….


and… oh god… the last two dicks i can’t even think about.

i just can’t.

this story is amazing. it is funny and graphic and it made my body ache and feel squirmy.

i will never take a robot lover.
never never never.

but i will definitely read more from “dixon heruass,” certainly his real name.

seriously funny, gross stuff here.

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