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Love the Monster: Submission to the BeastLove the Monster: Submission to the Beast by Stroker Chase
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ida know.

so this is a story about a village that is terrorized by a monster. it eats their cattle and basically makes a nuisance of itself. the story goes that it can only be killed by a girl – a virgin – so certain girls are culled from the populace and trained in the fine arts of swordplay and chastity, and then sent out one by one on their own to try to kill the monstrous monster.

none have ever returned.

our heroine, rinoa, is an 18-year-old girl who is very proficient in the swordplay, but not so great at the chastity. i mean, she is a virgin, sure, but she just gets so damn horny after her training sessions. she usually just goes off to the spring where she skinny-dips and does the whole DIY thing. she is also very cocky, and knows that she will be the one to kill the monster once and for all.

she’s not great at stringing sentences together.

Rinoa scanned the trees, seeing if anyone had followed her. This was a ritual that she always did before heading into the spring. Already she knew no one followed, but she liked to be sure. She couldn’t let anyone see what she was going to do.

Her muscles ached from the fighting. The adrenaline still pumped through her. Except as she unclasped her pants, she knew the excitement would begin to feel differently. Her battle high faded, being replaced with a craving.

skilled in swordplay and chastity. not skilled in elocution.

but then hooray the day comes when it is her turn to go off into the woods to try to slay the beast.

she is very cocky.

and then she finds it.

it goes by the name of “sin,” by the way.

Sin’s great white eye poked out from the forest. It looked like a giant squid’s eye, and its tentacles were swarming around it. Each tentacle had a different head. Its huge mouth was gaping wide, and there were suckers all along its body.

so she is fighting it, but then, she starts getting so damn horny, and then the many-tentacled beast is all poking at her and rips her shirt.


so she rips off all the rest of her clothing.

to better fight it.


but then fighting becomes more sensual, and she winds up deep-throating one of the tentacles. the one without a dagger or a club on the end.

and semen comes out.


and then other tentacles come out, and these have cocks on them. (the monster is also cock-y. chortle.)

she does not describe the one that already spurted semen on her as being a cock-tentacle, so i don’t know what happened there.

and then there is a variety of penetration-techniques and some caressing and snuggling and rinoa is totally into it, and decides to stay with her new lover instead of killing him.

the monster is allowed one brief POV moment, and is, apparently, a poet.

The tentacles rumbled. The beast roared, loving how submissive it could make her. It loved watched her plump ass rock as she took its cock.

a poet in need of an editor.

then there is a weird, tacked-on epilogue, leaving room for a sequel.


but having said all that – one cannot look free monsterotica in the mouth.

because one would not like the view.

a note on the cover: perhaps a fishnet bodysuit is not the best outfit for fighting a monster. try some slacks.

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