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Cute Cuke GirlCute Cuke Girl by EFon
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if you are looking for a book where a woman has a relationship with a cucumber (and of course you are), you might want to keep looking. all the cucumber-affection in this book happens offscreen, in innuendo, or inference. and inference just isn’t good enough. not for me, flipping through all the e-porn, looking for a snicker. this one is zero snickers.

it is a book with a very promising cover, but all of the dirty bits are strictly human-on-human.

and who wants to read about that? it’s not like there is a dearth of that on the internet.

you know what there is a dearth of?? fine literature about the love of a woman for a vegetable.

no saucy gardeners?
no salad bar temptations?
no v-8 money shots?

come on, digital erotic universe, stop being a tease!

and no more bait-and-switch covers. you show me a cucumber on the cover, you better be ready to use it.

greg read it, too!!!

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