Little Fox in the ForestLittle Fox in the Forest by Stephanie Graegin
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oooh, goodreads choice awards semifinalist for best picture book! what will happen?

AAAAAHHHH this book is too damn adorable! many thanks to erica for bringing it to my attention.

this little girl is about to learn a lesson about what happens when you take your eyes off your treasured possessions when there’s a fox lurking nearby:

 photo IMG_0848_zpsj0wy4ihr.jpg

but can you blame him?? it looks just like him, a ready-made friend! and he already has so many adventures planned for the two of them!

 photo IMG_0850_zpssocdlpfz.jpg

plus, you cannot say ‘no’ to this sad little foxen face.

 photo IMG_0853_zpsjv8g4sfq.jpg

although this girl certainly tries. she and her friend go in pursuit of the fox in a beautifully-illustrated, wordless chase through the forest, where the blah-colored human world slowly gets infiltrated by colorful accents as members of the animal-world peek out at the children,

 photo IMG_0849_zpsn11co8zp.jpg

(apparently “snitches get stitches” is not a maxim of the animal kingdom)

until we reach the full-color glory of where all the wild things are:

 photo IMG_0851_zpsmaeouxub.jpg

 photo IMG_0852_zpsuygoutci.jpg

eventually, the children find the fox-bandit and his ill-gotten toy. but again – no heart can stand seeing such cute made so sad.

 photo IMG_0853_zpsjv8g4sfq.jpg

i’m certainly not thoughtless enough to ROON the ending of a children’s picture book, but greg had some discomfort with the ending (cuz i made him read this, too) that must be addressed, so come with me to spoilertown:

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i just realized i still have to review the read-long-ago and similarly-titled In Fox’s Forest. oops. will i ever get caught up on anything?

i need a unicorn.

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