Giant Days, Vol. 4 (Giant Days, #4)Giant Days, Vol. 4 by John Allison, Max Sarin
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okay, now THIS is where it’s at!

i was pretty disappointed with volume 3all dumb scattered subplots with significantly less humor and charm than i’d come to expect. but this one is completely back on track. laffs! realistic situations! no weird crime families! (which was in the second volume, but whatever) i am able to love these characters again without reservation!

their dorkiness:

 photo IMG_1398_zpsvxywiel6.jpg

their loyalty:

 photo IMG_1387_zpshcx6s7r6.jpg

 photo IMG_1390_zpsksknfa9n.jpg

the sweet dumb oblivion of youth

 photo IMG_1389_zpswiy95cz1.jpg

their expressive outrage

 photo IMG_1393_zpsrjzqokm6.jpg

their esther’s amplified woe

 photo IMG_1396_zps15uoort7.jpg

and all the missteps characterizing the treacherous entrée into adulthood

 photo IMG_1394_zpseykjvfyo.jpg

 photo IMG_1395_zpssbq5bnla.jpg

including the specific perils of romance.

 photo IMG_1402_zpsxzrlhp5k.jpg

 photo IMG_1408_zpshp8tmski.jpg

and the battle between ideology and emotionto be powerful and feminist

 photo IMG_1391_zpshs5dmzfr.jpg

but also susceptible to a breaking heart

 photo IMG_1410_zpsyt6aimbx.jpg

although esther’s still here to represent the straight-up boy crazy

 photo IMG_1399_zpsrevb4q29.jpg

this one has a good amount of impersonation

daisy channels esther

 photo IMG_1404_zpshzytlpd2.jpg

esther channels mcgraw

 photo IMG_1405_zpsghlyfeyl.jpg

daisy channels annie hall

 photo IMG_1403_zpsf343g2mt.jpg

also on the menu: terrible student films

 photo IMG_1401_zpsk2vorcxu.jpg

good mcgraw ribbing

 photo IMG_1409_zpshzthqnlx.jpg

promising new characters

 photo IMG_1407_zpstkx4kses.jpg

and donut vampires

 photo IMG_1388_zpslyy1tiay.jpg

i am pleased with volume four!


oooh, this one is SO much more fun than the third part. glad i stuck with it!

review to come.

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