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I, SlutbotI, Slutbot by Mykle Hansen
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hey, slutbot!!

 photo DSC07716_zpsdd70f187.jpg

okay, here’s the thing. i MIGHT be a little kertrunken right now, so i don’t know what’s going to happen as far as this review goes.

this is a DBR, with drunken illustrations, which is appropriate, since i was more or less exhausted/distracted the whole time i was reading this book, and writing anything intelligent would just be a sham. it is unfortunate, since mykle hansen deserves better, but BEA hit me harder than i thought it would, and this book was the innocent victim of my exhaustion, and i probably didn’t do it any favors reading it in fits and starts as i did.

but i drawed some drunken pictures for now, and i will probably make this review better when i get more energy and less liquor.

this is how sleepy i was last week, when i should have been devoting all my energy to reading this book

and here are pictures that touch on some of the key elements of this book:

a besotted typewriter:

a wumpus:

space captain pounder mcquim:

and zombie toe-sucking

if that’s not enough to get you to read this, i don’t know what’s wrong with you, but i will try to entice you further when sober.


wow, i suck.

yeah, twss.

okay, so i have decided that drawing-reviews are FUN, so i am going to add more of them to this review whenever i feel like it, because there are plenty of scenes in this book just begging for illustrations. and they pretty much speak for themselves. so:

 photo DSC07725_zps78521bda.jpg


 photo DSC07723_zps42ff85ce.jpg


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