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I Fucked Cthulhu (Monster Sex #7)I Fucked Cthulhu by Delilah Fawkes
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this is h.p. lovecraft’s grave. if you look closely, you can see him spinning in it.’cuz he never anticipated that cthulhu would be so casually used in monster porn.

well, guess what? it’s awwwwwwnnnnn.

the grave is in providence, rhode island. i am from rhode island, and i spent many stoned teenage afternoons wandering around in there. and yet – i could never get into lovecraft himself. there is something tricksy about him. the whole idea of the ineffable kinda bores me, and i could never understand the appeal, or why i was supposed to be so horrified and amazed by, like, obelisks.

it is safe to say i enjoyed this erotic version of lovecraft more than any actual lovecraft i have ever read.

this monster porn is insidious, man. and this one is a much better quality of monster porn – there is even *gasp* a story here! the monster-boning doesn’t even begin until halfway through. there is buildup! atmosphere, mood lighting, the whole nine yards!

and i had to laugh when she borrowed lovecraft’s own sensibilities:

And truly, rising up out of the deep were the most bizarre structures my eyes had ever landed upon. It was almost as if when I looked at a tower or hieroglyph-covered block, my gaze slid off it, unable to find purchase. Everything was covered in a dark ooze, dripping and running, perpetuating the feeling of horror welling up inside of me. At the same time, the terror was familiar

familiar, and sexxy!

again, i have to question the motives of the woman involved in the multi-tentacle sex, but the heart wants what the heart wants, and my early-crush on admiral ackbar really doesn’t give me a lot of room to judge anyone’s tastes.

so! all hail cthulhu!! naked!!!

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