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Cum For Bigfoot 2Cum For Bigfoot 2 by Virginia Wade
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dear penthouse forum,

i never thought i would be writing this drunken book review. but, you see, i was summoned to an after-work gathering with my former boss and some colleagues, and… well, there was tequila. and salted rims. and i had my borrowed nook, and things just got a little out of control.

i didn’t want to read my precious megan abbott book in this condition.

i didn’t mean to read another bigfoot porn.

but you know how it is… when the first one ended on such a cliffhanger: View Spoiler » well… a girl’s gotta know. right? you remember eve? with the curiosity? and pandora? lot’s wife? me reading my ex’s journal as a teen?

sometimes we just gotta know.

and now i do. but guess what?? another cliffhanger! so you know i am going to be reading numbers 3, 4, and 5. when will this crazy merry-go-round stop spinning?? oh, that’s just my head.

so, anyway, bigfoot porn.

it’s what you would expect, if you expect bigfoot porn to be about the desire of a young girl for a bit of strange, all giving in to her animalistic urges but putting up a struggle so she can patty-hearst her way out of it afterward.

there is a lot more snuggling than there should be in a true kidnapping scenario. IMHO.

and i get it – it is hard to resist an articulate man, even when the definition must be stretched View Spoiler ».

some of bigfoot’s (leonard’s) bon mots

-good, sex girls…nice…

-good, blonde, good!


-good pussy. good.

-grrroooooaaaarrrrr! good ass! good!

and for variety:

-nice ass. nice.

how can a girl hold out against such poetry?

there is a lot of no-no-yes going on here:

He’s forcing me…I have no choice. I’m only sleeping with him to survive. I don’t like him…I…hate everything he does to me. He’s an animal…He’s a monster…ooohhh…don’t …stop…

it is a very complicated scenario. and with the cliffhanger – who knows what will happen next? do i dare pull back the curtain and discover the answers? will i require much much more tequila to find this sexy?

i admire the skill here, in being able to write genuinely hanging cliffhangers in what should really be just throwaway erotica. but what else would you expect from the acclaimed author of pride and penetration, maya’s tight pussy, and stacy’s gangbang wedding????

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