Critter CuisineCritter Cuisine by Mary Ann Clayton
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welcome to nature.

they would eat us if they could, so why not strike back first? i do, i welcome the outrage that i can feel coming off of the vegan masses, approaching my cheese-spattered body with torches as i eat these deep-fried baby mice in pita pockets…as much as this book is intended for humor only, nothing here looks bad to me. although i am somewhat less adventurous than mr. bourdain, i would totally eat “tadpole consommé.” and “great balls of fire” (that’s armadillo balls, naturally). i am not one bit squeamish. (just don’t try to come at me with an olive because those things are nasty) this book is fun and beautifully photographed; it is heads and feet and whole armadillos stuffed with guacamole. it is a cookbook with balls (in a tabasco-butter sauce) i applaud you, claytons. because if a snake comes at my head, it had better be prepared for me to bite back. and slap it on a cracker.

and before manny gets his kerfuffle up, i did not just nip off to the humo(u)r section for this—i actually had to order it into the store and buy it for myself…i ordered extra copies though, in case you want one for yourself.

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