Cat Castles: 20 Cardboard Habitats You Can Build YourselfCat Castles: 20 Cardboard Habitats You Can Build Yourself by Carin Oliver
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poor sad maggie…

 photo IMG_7900_zpswxbfnicb.jpg

why isn’t she living the glamorous cardboard box/rock-and-roll lifestyle that these spoiled cats are enjoying??

 photo IMG_8636_zpslwprhzwx.jpg


i mean, obviously this is a wildly impractical book; even if you have the space to accommodate TWENTY different cat homes, are you gonna fill that space with TWENTY different cat homes? ten, i can see, but twenty is gonna get you labeled a crazy cat lady, regardless of your gender identity.

but sometimes crazy cat ladies like me buy books like this the way normal people buy glossy interior design booksjust to flip through and fantasize about the day our ship will come in and we can finally commit ourselves to the crazy cat lady lifestyle and all it entails.

these are the twenty houses you can build if your ship has already come in:

 photo IMG_8635_zpsnuybpcit.jpg

 photo IMG_8634_zpsg5obyj45.jpg

maggie will have to content herself with her current box-options:

box that used to be full of pears and is now full of my dad’s shredded mail:

 photo IMG_6344_zpswdkib4c0.jpg

cardboard divan for those regal days:

 photo IMG_5657_zpsu0bcbhkl.jpg

open-faced box for hiding from chemo-bearing humans:

 photo IMG_7894_zpslzjzct3a.jpg

narrow box for rowboat pirate adventures:

(which, after spending wayyy too long going through my many pictures of maggie (because crazy cat lady), i find i have never gotten a photo of her stuffed into. regardless, it exists, and is situated next to cardboard divan.)


 photo IMG_0198_zpsctxduw29.jpg

those are the permanent boxes that she can hang out in when she’s not in one of the fancier, non-cardboard cat beds, but have also been many temporary boxes perfect for her opportunistic plopping, especially during the holiday season:

 photo IMG_7772_zpsjcasexxv.jpg

 photo IMG_7431_zpsubhcjrxs.jpg

 photo IMG_7918_zpsmvsitjck.jpg

 photo IMG_5518_zpsei5gzjln.jpg

 photo IMG_7913_zpsbk7zhvso.jpg

 photo IMG_4698_zpssctf2wmr.jpg

but none of them as fancy as the ones in this book.

someday, maggie, someday….

and now that i found the narrow-box picture, i might as well add some more pictures to this review, even though they’re all kind of the same, but she’s too pretty not to photograph, and what else am i gonna do with all these maggie pictures?

 photo IMG_0451_zpszrgkon9d.jpg

 photo IMG_0452_zps3lmsqejm.jpg

 photo IMG_0453_zpswnzckdoj.jpg

 photo IMG_9919_zpsxbslz3d5.jpg

 photo IMG_9922_zpsr9sdmnqh.jpg

 photo IMG_9923_zps5fomdjeq.jpg

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