Big Mushy Happy Lump (Sarah's Scribbles, #2)Big Mushy Happy Lump by Sarah Andersen
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this is both very similar to and very different from Adulthood Is a Myth.

thematically, much of the same ground is covered: procrastination, social awkwardness, the joy of comfortable clothes, the irritants that go along with being female, self image, and the bullying inner voice we all have that keeps our ego in check.

however, while adulthood was a collection of unrelated cartoons (and NOT a graphic novel, goodreads), this one contains some longer-form pieces where we get more insight into what makes sarah andersen tick, which makes it a good companion book to Introvert Doodles: An Illustrated Collection of Life’s Awkward Moments, as both address the difficulties the authors have with the world’s expectations of being a social person to someone who is not naturally that way inclined, and how much human interactions can suck.

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and as honest and laudable as I Don’t Know How to Be a Person was, i’m much more drawn to one of the other long-form pieces called SADIE (How I Learned to Get Over Myself and Love Cats), which is about how she went from being alienated by the internet’s catcentric obsession:

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to accidentally becoming a crazy cat lady like the rest of us through the fuzzy mind-control of a loaner-cat named sadie.

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and now she is one of us

 photo IMG_9462_zpscdlbtkw2.jpg

well done, sadie! more bodies for the calvary!

as with adulthood, there are plenty of scenarios very familiar to my own experiences. some that i think are true for many:

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some that i know are familiar to all the ladies out there:

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 photo IMG_9147_zpsjcxrwoju.jpg

and some that fall into the “i thought i was the only one!!” category:

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there’s also some nice giggle-pokery at insufferable people

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and, while i understand it is not the point she is making, i am interpreting this to be a bold anti-bird stance, which you know i’m on board with

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so, another fun and funny collection which only strengthens my resolve to be sarah andersen’s bestie.

sarraahhhhhh…. come to maaaaaaggie!!

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although this will probably not be tolerated.

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i did not turn my computer on once during the holiday weekend. and it felt great, but also very stressful. so when i saw the first cartoon in this collection, my heart recognized a kindred spirit:

 photo IMG_9142_zpssjxojyvu.jpg

thank you for putting my feelings into pictures, sarah andersen!

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