Business Cat: Money, Power, TreatsBusiness Cat: Money, Power, Treats by Tom Fonder
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business cat is all business.

 photo IMG_7254_zps77sysw3a.jpg

 photo IMG_7255_zpsaauezem9.jpg

unless there’s a box around

 photo IMG_6880_zpsubj0fi1h.jpg

 photo IMG_7261_zpspent01vf.jpg

or something that can be swatted

 photo IMG_6889_zpsvlssqygm.jpg

i had never seen these business cat cartoons online ( because i am too old to keep up with the internet, but when i saw this book i knew i had to have it.

and it did not disappoint.

the joke is simple, but genius: put a human-sized cat in an office setting and make him king boss.

it’s not too far a leap into fantasy – cats are already in charge in our hearts and homes, so why not in our corporations?

it’s true there would be some difficulties in teaching them proper executive comportment

 photo IMG_6893_zpsrfuijvcj.jpg

 photo IMG_7279_zpsr9lsrow5.jpg

and business trips could be tricky

 photo IMG_6887_zpsofwtjacc.jpg

 photo IMG_7272_zpssi3pdmy8.jpg

but i think it would ultimately be very good for big business. it is impossible to say “no” to a cat, after all, so meetings would be quick and to the point, with some napping and maybe a little snuggling.

there are many situations spotlighting those cat behaviors that are both adorable and infuriating to cat “owners” in a domestic setting, but would be even more exasperating coming from your boss.

 photo IMG_6882_zps1fllvk04.jpg

 photo IMG_6883_zpsi4khqmlo.jpg

 photo IMG_7274_zpslpgny30s.jpg

 photo IMG_7276_zpsz8dmglv9.jpg

 photo IMG_6878_zpsvu3dosha.jpg

 photo IMG_7259_zpss9ua8nu9.jpg

you thought your co-workers were bad…

and while there are times when the same general punchline recurs

 photo IMG_7273_zpsl30sv1wh.jpg

 photo IMG_7266_zpsbqiimfti.jpg

it doesn’t really affect the enjoyment because giant cat in suit is funny enough to giggle at twice. at least.

my only complaint is that some of these cartoons are stretched to two pages and would have been funnier if only the first panel had been used

 photo IMG_7267_zpsohn7evuq.jpg

 photo IMG_7268_zps7rsfctfa.jpg

 photo IMG_7256_zpswjkq9vha.jpg

 photo IMG_7257_zpssiyk77ha.jpg

but for the most part, these are great. i’m hoping to land my dream job soon, and if this is what i see when i go into an interview:

 photo IMG_7281_zpstedt3vus.jpg

 photo IMG_6897_zpstosrjdon.jpg

i will know i have found my home.

after all, i’m already well-suited to combining cat and work – i have my own executive maggie

 photo IMG_6559_zpseaupbqse.jpg

who goes in and does her job even when she should be taking medical leave

 photo IMG_6693_zpshzngy4zi.jpg

“sick days are for pussies!! claw at that glass ceiling! especially if there’s a bird on the other side.”

we’re learning to share the office space, and i work very hard to obey her every directive.

 photo IMG_7477_zps8wnwpimu.jpg

so, cat boss? bring it on!

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