Giant Days, Vol. 2 (Giant Days, #2)Giant Days, Vol. 2 by John Allison, Lissa Treiman, Max Sarin
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volume two!

i’m still not wild about the art, and i liked this story slightly less than the first volume, but that doesn’t mean i’m not counting down the days until the third one comes out. i am writing this review before part 3 pubs, but it will likely be posted after release date, so i have just blown your mind with time-confusion.

and yesthis is the volume where the artist changes halfway through. it’s not wildly different, and i didn’t even notice it at first, since i was reading it for the stooooory, but s. pointed it out and then i was allderrr, true fact, s.!

old art:

 photo IMG_7116_zpspnle0kvo.jpg

new art:

 photo IMG_7115_zpsurfebvvz.jpg

so, it’s different, but it’s still not rocking my world. however, i do like the characters very much. and i can relate to all three, in different ways


 photo IMG_7080_zps7i4gqt8o.jpg

 photo IMG_7134_zpstybbtij8.jpg


 photo IMG_7083_zpsb9d6cdew.jpg

 photo IMG_7084_zpsmklheqqw.jpg

but i’m probably the most similar to esther, since we have the same taste in dudes

 photo IMG_7086_zpsprh9bhrx.jpg

we are both very camera-happy

 photo IMG_7087_zps1119z2ub.jpg

and we have similar approaches to confidence

 photo IMG_7097_zpsjw5nfset.jpg

and compliments

 photo IMG_7131_zps8vqpcq29.jpg

i like susan the least now, but only because i felt singled out and scolded

 photo IMG_7098_zpsa5dej0r5.jpg


 photo IMG_7135_zps6o2dy4fr.jpg

eeek! no, i do not! i take back all i said!

in this volume, we have some romantic relationships forming, but there is disapproval

 photo IMG_7102_zpsbeifivpj.jpg


 photo IMG_7101_zpseav5yanx.jpg

as well as fretting about possible disapproval

 photo IMG_7100_zpswfhddoog.jpg

and the longing to be in a situation where disapproval could arise

 photo IMG_7099_zpsvy1shuyp.jpg

there’s also a great deal of dancing

 photo IMG_7127_zpsqndgx2ua.jpg

 photo IMG_7113_zpszuxenxnl.jpg

 photo IMG_7128_zpsaf7d22cs.jpg

 photo IMG_7132_zpsosaiyf4v.jpg

the story is a bit less fun in this onethere was less of the three of them togethertwo are off getting kissy, they scatter for winter break, esther blows off school to go to a concert with some nameless dude, daisy gets caught up in this bizarre friday night lights reverie, there’s a crime family subplotit felt very scattered. i liked the smaller stories, where they were just hanging out being normal girls, not getting all delusional and morphing into a character from a tv show, as awesome as friday night lights is. although i did love the punchline to the dinner party fiasco.

and there’s still some good banter and teasing

 photo IMG_7112_zpshgzl2krq.jpg

some unusual confessions

 photo IMG_7085_zpsfcfmpxts.jpg

some good bro time

 photo IMG_7082_zpsl0xovxts.jpg

a celebration of the female form in all its permutations

 photo IMG_7081_zpsvvx7gbym.jpg

and plenty of hugging, from both of the artists

 photo IMG_7136_zpsith6mxyo.jpg

 photo IMG_7137_zpsceo6rfdp.jpg

so even though i am not a huge fan of some of the more dramatic and farfetched stuff

 photo IMG_7133_zpsd7wxcf8a.jpg

as long as the girls keep being charming and supportive huggers, i can stay on board.

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