The Secret Life of Squirrels: A Love StoryThe Secret Life of Squirrels: A Love Story by Nancy Rose
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it is a complete coincidence that i am reviewing this book on the eve of squirrel appreciation day, and i am super-stoked that it worked out that way!

every year, the amazing erica sends me a wonderful christmas package, and for the third time, a nancy rose squirrel book has been included. and every year, it comes as a complete surprise to me, because for some reason, i never think to check if she has a new book coming out, and i open the package and i SQUEAL with shock and delight to see MORE adorable squirrels caught on camera acting like people.

if you missed the first two, here are my reviews:

the secret life of squirrels


merry christmas, squirrels

and if you can’t be bothered clicking links in the middle of your busy day (no doubt elbows-deep in preparation for squirrel appreciation day!), here’s the skinnynancy rose is a woman with the skills and the time and the inclination to build miniature sets full of teeny tiny props which she then assembles in the great outdoors and hunkers down patiently with her camera to await the arrival of the squirrels.

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and the squirrels come and play and wheeeeeee

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it just does not get cuter than this, friends.

 photo IMG_8930_zps45mrnwxd.jpg

the attention to detail is remarkable, and i think that’s why the squirrels are so responsive to her squirrel-sized wonderlands.

 photo IMG_8937_zpshn8dc9xy.jpg

what squirrel wouldn’t be completely amazed by all of these books targeted to their specific interests??

 photo IMG_8936_zpsxfof2sgf.jpg

 photo IMG_8935_zpsqrunh3fm.jpg

even i want to read this one!

 photo IMG_8940_zps49ddsciz.jpg

and while we are on the subject of attention to details, DO YOU SEE THESE HANDS AND FEETS?

 photo IMG_8939_zpsszpuyxto.jpg

it is no secret that i am in love with these enchanting squirrels

 photo IMG_8929_zps1bw7srqg.jpg

there is a ‘story’ to accompany the photos, and it is a tale as old as time itselfthe search for love and companionship.

 photo IMG_8932_zpsqhmdqdmn.jpg

and for once, i wasn’t rolling my eyes at a romance plot. after all, squirrels in love are bound to make MORE SQUIRRELS!

thank you again and forever, erica and nancy rose and squirrels everywhere.

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