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The Relaxed Rabbit: Massage for Your Pet BunnyThe Relaxed Rabbit: Massage for Your Pet Bunny by Chandra Moira Beal

okay, new project.

never fear, i will still be working on the “free tor shorts” project and i will return to the “finding the gold in the NOOK freebies” project, but i am ALSO going to be doing this one, which is called “holy grail unicorn tamerlane” in which i find wondrously weird but probably hard-to-find books and make a case for why i need them. and hopefully someday i will get my hands on them to determine if they are everything i dreamed they would be.

because these all sound phenomenal.

like this one. this is bound to bring joy to my life. it’s a true symbiotic relationship – i get to rub a bunny’s tummy and moosh its soft behind-the-ear bits, and the bunny gets to have the stress of his hard life relieved by meeee!

step one: i will need a bunny.

and then i will learn how to massage the crap outta him. but gently.

this book will complete my education – after this, i will know all i will ever need to know. and it will be much cheaper than going back to grad school!

but let’s take a second to look at this cover, bigger:

has that bunny been massaged unto bloodiness?? if that is what the book recommends, i assure you, i will skip that chapter. my bunny will be blissful, not bloody. you have my word on that.

fingers crossed i find this.
and a bunny!

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