The Little Red WolfThe Little Red Wolf by Amélie Fléchais
My rating: 5/5 cats
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an easy five stars cats that wins in both story and artwork categories.

i got this through netgalley, so my photos have gone on that rough journey from computer screen to tiny camera and back to computer screen. i can only assume the physical book will be even more stunning, and i will soon be proven right about that because i am going to buy this the very moment it is available because GAH:

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i want this woman to come to my apartment and paint murals on my walls.

this is an inverted little red riding hood story, with another layer of oomph on top of it that explains the bad blood between wolves and man.

 photo IMG_4513_zpspssm75oh.jpg

between this and Beautiful Darkness and Panther*, my people sure do write some messed-up picture books. this one isn’t nearly as horrifying as Beautiful Darkness, but there’s something so wrong-feeling about a little cartoon wolf traipsing through the forest with a dead bunny head sticking out of his bindle, no matter how adorable.

 photo IMG_4514_zpswuyyphcu.jpg

and then once the munchies hit, well – walt disney never prepared kids for how nature actually works.

there’s also a really nice punch to the story, centered in the idea of perspective and how history looks different depending on where you’re standing, which is a pretty sophisticated lesson for the picture-book set.

 photo IMG_4519_zpsquuvxpqw.jpg

i wish there had been maybe a page or two more to it – it feels a bit abrupt the way it is now. not jarring, just unfinished-feeling.

still, it’s pretty much perfect, and i can’t say enough about the art, whether she’s in cute-mode

 photo IMG_4518_zpsfrsogds4.jpg

or more ominous-mode:

 photo IMG_4517_zpslvtkxdnc.jpg

and i definitely want this to be part of my room mural. because that’s still happening, right?

 photo IMG_4520_zpsynbeenkb.jpg

a top-notch picture book i can’t wait to hold in my hands.


* okay, so the panther-guy is from belgium, not france, but since there’s a shared border, language, and fried-potato legacy, he can share in this dubious honor as well.


this is incredible. real review to come, but this is DEFINITELY one i will be buying as soon as it is available.

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