The Fox and the StarThe Fox and the Star by Coralie Bickford-Smith
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if these pictures don’t show you why you need this book, there’s no hope for you.

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 photo IMG_5904_zpsskvl6rty.jpg

 photo IMG_5937_zpsody63vso.jpg

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and yeah, yeah, yeah, this isn’t and we’re all of us first and foremost readers here and we love a good story more than anything else, but sometimes pictures printed in startlingly vivid color

 photo IMG_5892_zpsgybq8it9.jpg

on heavy-stock paper

 photo IMG_5908_zps9sb7zeub.jpg

in which the illustrations are seemingly bursting out of the confines of the page

 photo IMG_5903_zps0hiwxvx1.jpg

all sewn between two pleasantly soft clothbound boards

 photo IMG_5909_zpst2ollxwd.jpg

can make words take a backseat for a little while. even for creatures such as we.

 photo IMG_5894_zpsizecwmxn.jpg

the words don’t make up a bad story, it’s just a bit meandering and lackluster and can be summed up as, “oh, there it is.”

but if you’re reading this book for the articles, you’re doing it wrong. this is one of those books you appreciate because it is a beautiful object, one that you will take down and admire when you just need the comfort of something pretty in front of your eyes.

 photo IMG_5906_zpsjdfwi8ll.jpg

and i can personally attest to the fact that it makes a wonderful gift! one i will revisit and flip through way more than, say, Don Quixote.

so there.

winner of that argument = me.

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