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The Alpha Wolf Bent Me OverThe Alpha Wolf Bent Me Over by Donald Armfield
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this is a story about two 18-year-old girls who go to summer camp. what are 18-year olds doing going to summer camp when they are at the age when they have, you know, other options?

“Ready for camp, bitch?” Mira asked Miranda.

“Thrilled” Miranda responded with sarcasm.

“Why do you like camp so much?”

“The outdoors makes me wet.” Mira said rubbing her finger over her crotch and then licking it.

oh, it’s like that. well, then, by all means, go to camp. and so they do. did i mention that these girls are twins?? and that they don’t need to stray too far from the womb for sexual gratification? because – yeah, it’s more twincest.

Margret moved her fingers faster and faster and Mira was riding her hand. Mira screamed with ecstasy as she came to her climax. Margret licked her fingers clean and Mira gave her the biggest kiss squeezing her breast saying,

“Damn I got the best sister ever”

any sisters out there want to contest that title? i didn’t think so. that is, truly, the best sister.

so they go to camp, and they have sexual congress with all the boys. and each other. a lot.

meanwhile, their friend, a relative “good girl” decides to shed that image and become more like her friends. however, she lacks a twin. what’s a girl to do?

fortunately, her salvation cums in the form of a campfire horror story.

“Ten years ago the tale was discovered by a camp counselor trekking through the woods. He found a diary with a very hard shell buried in the dirt near an old oak tree. It told the tale of an Alpha Wolf who looked for girls in the form of a virgin. The Alpha would then kidnap the virgin and take her deep into the woods and fuck the shit out of them. The dairy that was found belonged to Raffi Garvin. The boy kept a daily entry in the hunt for his sister. The first entry was about how they came to a clearing in the woods were there was a stump that was shaped like a diamond that lied in slanted position. His sister was sitting on this rock and he was near by. He says he turned his back for a second and then saw a large Alpha Wolf running deeper into the woods with his sister cradled under his arm. Since then five girls have disappeared from these camp grounds. One of those five made it back alive but was devastated that she was raped by an Alpha Wolf.”

i mean, if being raped by a wolf doesn’t turn you on, you are destined to be one shriveled old virgin. so our heroine dresses up like little red riding hood and takes her virgin ass to the diamond-shaped rock. and lo!! the alpha wolf appeareth! and they have sexual congress!

a lot!

so the moral of this story is, if you are an 18-year-old virgin at a coed summer camp, please be responsible and wait around for an alpha wolf, because at least you won’t get pregnant.

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