Owl Puke: Book and Owl PelletOwl Puke: Book and Owl Pellet by Jane Hammerslough
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i love ceridwen! besides having the second-coolest name ever (sorry, but penn jillette’s daughter moxie crimefighter beats you by a smidge), and writing hilarious reviews, she has also shown a willingness to wrench newly-gifted presents out of the hands of her children to mail them to a stranger on the internet! because of her, i got to play with owl vomit!! is there a medal for that?? she deserves a parade right through times square…

this was a fascinating experiment. what a bold publisher!! somehow they corralled what must be an entire factory of bulimic owls and they hired them to create a new toy for young children—partially-digested mouse skellingtons. and a book to go along with it!! (wash your hands before handling, please). so now i have a teeny tiny mouse skull and jawbone and oh so many tiny ribs…and some sharp bits that i can’t identify, despite the handy bone-sorting tray. it’s just amazing.

and i didn’t notice an odor at all. which may be because where i work, there are a large number of homeless men, and i know each one by their particular aroma, even from one or two aisles away…this nose has been through some wars, and owl vomit, by comparison, is like a bouquet of prom flowers. and bones.

but i am a little worried.

if you know me, you know about my tailypo story (if you don’t, you may read it in my tailypo review) but so what happens when the little mouse comes looking for his tiny ribs?? what am i supposed to say?? i’m not giving them back, that’s for sure.

i can take a mouse, no problem.

thank you ceridwen!! i am retaliating with something also cool, and hopefully less gross to your children.

can we have this for other animals too, please??

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