Giant Days, Vol. 1 (Giant Days, #1)Giant Days, Vol. 1 by John Allison, Lissa Treiman
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i am stunned that i loved this book so much.

seriously – huge props to you people (YOUUUUU PEEEEEOPLE!!) who kept reviewing this book with such praise and pushing it on me and my apologies for not believing you all sooner. the artwork still does nothing for me, and is the reason i stubbornly resisted it for so long, but i fell hard for the characters, the story, and the general energy of this book.

it’s funny, it’s charming, it features strong female relationships between wildly dissimilar, believable characters, celebrating that phenomenon that occurs during the first year of college (or “university,” since this is british), where everyone’s a bit unmoored, on their own for the first time, exploring their options, coming into themselves, and friendships don’t necessarily have to have common interests or personalities as their foundation – just proximity, basic compatibility, and some sort of spark that bridges differences.

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and so begins the story of gothy drama queen esther

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homeschooled nerdy daisy

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and earnest independent susan

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the situations are small, familiar – getting sick in the germ-fest of close quarters

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being sexually scrutinized by gross dudes

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while still embracing your own sexuality

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old rivalries

 photo IMG_6910_zpsmutyabrf.jpg

new love interests

 photo IMG_6928_zpsf4wijw0a.jpg

pulling all-nighters

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chemical experimentation

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it’s just … fun. and it reminded me nostalgically of my own distant undergrad days.

leaving the dorm in club gear when nothing else was clean

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nosiness about new friends

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very dramatic and demanding nosiness about new friends

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deflecting that nosiness

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and those in-jokes that become recurring themes peppering strong friendships

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also, sartorial whimsy

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frivolous spending on unnecessary things because of the urgent wanting

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which i totally get, because not only do i want those boots like crazy, right now i am desperately trying to talk myself out of this:

and these:

okay, pretty much everything on this page:…

but i digress. back to the “remember college?” stuff

the dramatic tantrums

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the academia-inspired metaphors

 photo IMG_6926_zps8dywanho.jpg

of course, i am too old for this slang to ring my nostalgia bells

 photo IMG_6915_zps6ry5hpuj.jpg

and too american for this

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overall, it’s smart, full of good-natured teasing and mama-bear protectiveness – both of each other and misguidedly, of wretched birds

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and it also covers the peril of ‘youthful enthusiasm/idealism’ gone too far – when feminism oversteps into misandry or when knee-jerk loyalty to friends leads to unwarranted scolding of a blameless party.

i don’t have a favorite character yet – all three of them are appealing in their own way.

daisy for the secret dangerous core to her bubblegum sweetness:

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susan for being so impatient and easy to provoke:

 photo IMG_6918_zps8wen1oeh.jpg

and esther for drinking just like drinky crow:

 photo IMG_6923_zps2v9zpyaq.jpg

and this guy:

 photo IMG_6927_zps9qq0ohpr.jpg

well, both these guys:

 photo IMG_6911_zpshv9cctlh.jpg

i’m digging this, and even though the art hasn’t won me over yet, i’m in it for the long run.

thanks, various goodreaders, for showing me the light!

in a world where math always makes sense, this would have gotten four stars cats. but it gets an extra star cat for surprising the crap out of me. ‘cuz i’d seen this series reviewed favorably all over the goodreads, and it has been recommended to me a number of times, but i’d flipped through it before and completely hated the artwork, which looked like some newspaper comic strip and didn’t interest me in the least. but i finally gave it a shot and WOW! i loved the story and the characters, even though i’m still not sold on the art. so – five stars cats for the shock of liking it so much that i’ve already read the second volume and once again find myself stuck in that limbo of want and wait.

full review to come.

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