Fury (Menagerie #3)Fury by Rachel Vincent
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ugh, take it walking, pal.

“I will cut out the tongue that spoke the order. I will dig out the eyes that witnessed your humiliation. I will chop off any other parts that offended you, and I will return with his bones for our child to play with.”

you there, boy, stick around and tell me more about these bonetoys…

so i guess that’s the end of that trilogy. of the three books, this is my least favorite, but it was in no way a letdown. the first one is great because HOLY PREMISE, BATMAN – WHAT WILL HAPPEN? and the second one is great because HOLY OUT OF THE FRYING PAN, INTO THE FIRE, BATMAN! THESE STAKES JUST GOT RAISED!! and then there’s this one, which is structurally different, being composed of two different storylines covering past and present events, and the energy is the energy of a story winding down and wrapping up, no new tale to tell. plus, our girl is more’n ten months pregnant, and everybody else is in incognito mode, so while there’s certainly action and intrigue and drama, it’s a little less widescreen than book two, which was… a lot of things happening all at once. and why everyone’s in incognito mode.

the things that happen here are smaller-scale, and largely focused around themes of motherhood – maternal fierceness and legacy and sacrifice and all that, along with more of the details of delilah’s past and her destiny and the thing that she is (you know what i mean) coming to light, and while i wasn’t emotionally thrilled with the way vincent ended this series, it does satisfy me as a reader. i’m sad to see the story end, but i appreciate it when an author ends a series gracefully and decisively, instead of milking it way past anyone’s pleasure.

and i’m just trusting that she diagrammed the whole musical chairs w/ babies situation on her vision board and everything lined up across wombs and timelines, because my brain tried following that maneuver and… could not.


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