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Fucked by the Lake Monster 2: What Cums Next?Fucked by the Lake Monster 2: What Cums Next? by Brandi Burlington
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i hear this author has another book in the works. and it sounds like it is gonna blow this one out of the water. by which i do not mean that it is metafiction about two monsterporn stories having intercourse, where one of them performs oral sex upon this one, out of the water. (but which would definitely be one of the best monsterotica experiments ever), just that, you know, it is probably gonna be really good. so keep eyes peeled.

did i need to read another erotic story about champy?

does the sun need to make a rainbow when there is moisture in the air?

it was either read this as a diversion, or jump out the window in a frustration-fueled nervous breakdown.

’nuff said.

this one is a bit of a departure from the first one, but it is no less revolting/hilarious. i mean… sexy. yeah – sexy.

you can tell it is sexy from the opening line:

Because she was a scientist, Dr. Anna Stockhausen quickly realized that she was covered in semen.

not only is she able to recognize semen when it drenches her, but this lady-scientist knows a lot about scientific research methods:

Her college had an excellent library with many books that contained information Dr. Stockhausen needed from time to time. She sometimes also used the internet to look up information. Dr. Stockhausen knew how to cover all the bases when she did research.

who can argue with that? this story offers excellent insight into the innerworkings of the mind of a scientific genius.

Over four months had passed since Dr. Stockhausen found herself mysteriously covered in semen while doing fieldwork on the shores of Lake Champlain. During that time, she had been perplexed at the cause of the incident at the lake. Like the well trained scientist she was she did research and when the research failed to give an answer about what could have produced the amount of semen necessary to leave her drenched she tried to think of other ways of solving the scientific mystery. The only explanation she found in all her research were some Japanese movies that had many, many men all ejaculating on one girl. She saw what these girls looked like after large groups of men came on them and she saw some similarity between the girls on her computer screen and what had happened to her, but she was quite certain that there hadn’t been a crowd of men, Japanese or otherwise, anywhere near her at the lake that night. For the sake of research, she watched a variety of these scenes and didn’t discover any clues to her own scientific dilemma.

She did discover that she could bring herself to an orgasm by manually pleasuring herself while viewing these movies. She hadn’t known she liked this kind of thing. Sometimes her research produced unexpected results.

boy, does this make me appreciate the sacrifices scientists make in order to deepen our understanding of the world around us. although i am not entirely sure what kind of scientist dr. stockhausen is. it remains unclear. she is studying birds, but then also porn. so it’s anyone’s guess, really. i don’t know much about science.

but don’t fret! our brassy heroine cassy makes a return in this sequel! see her clinically observe her roommate get double-teamed! see her masturbate in the shower! see her… well – that part is best left to your own discoveries. it is…too hot for goodreads.

brandi burlington has really upped the stakes with this one. TWO different character-perspectives! scientific research! and what will become of dr stockhausen’s discoveries? will cassie ever really attain satisfaction with her reptilian lover?

stay tuned!

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