Frosty: A Raccoon to RememberFrosty: A Raccoon to Remember by Harriett E. Weaver
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ah, the memories of thanksgiving past…this year, the only disasters were a busted brine bag (more brine [and turkey] on floor), a broken chopper (glass on floor), and many instances of invoking the 3-second rule. 2014 is the year of cat-hair thanksgiving. but here’s an oldie:

well, thanksgiving eve has just turned into the nightmare that all holidays must become before they can blossom into success stories. book avalanche? check. shelf collapse in the fridge, covering me and floor with brine? check. baby carrots somehow frozen solid? check. and then i get all tidied up and sit down to do my homework only to find that i can’t get into the databases i need to do my fact check assignment. and, of course, things being what they are, that pretty much means i have zero time to get this paper done, especially if i continue to get shut out. i feel like a fucking teenage boy. c’mon, databases, give it up for me. i’m real gentle. but no luck. so i broke into the thanksgiving pinot (what, i have to make sure it’s good) and now it’s me and the madrigals of richard thompson and homework can just take a hike for now as i ease into an evening of complete irresponsibility (which i’m not actually sure how to do, so if anyone has pointers…) i’m just going to go back in my head to a time when things were nice and carefree and i wasn’t covered in orange-smelling slime. ah, the memories. this was one of my favorite books as a childi must have read it twenty times. from it, i learned that raccoons have very expressive hands: they like to play in soap bubbles and flour, they like to make messes everywhere, but they are full of love and playfulness, and this lady actually got to keep him as a pet for a little while, which always made me want to go to the zoo and demand a wild animal of my very own. i also learned how to make a raccoon trap from this book, so it’s only a matter of time before i (finally) have one of my very own, but i’m going to wait until this bad-luck spell has passed, because if i do it now, chances are the raccoon will have rabies. c’mere, pinot…

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