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Frisky Kitty - The Training of a Cat Girl (Mind Control & Pet Play)Frisky Kitty – The Training of a Cat Girl by Cindel Sabante
My rating: 1/5 cats
One Star

i never star rate my monsterporn, but this one needs to feel the deep sting of a stranger’s one-star rating.

the way i see it, monsterporn and weird-ass erotica is meant to be fun. it is supposed to inspire WTF responses of the “bewildered delight” variety, not leave the reader with a sick feeling of revulsion. maybe that’s just me, since i go into these reading experiences as more of a tourist or an anthropologist than as someone looking for erotic thrills, but there’s nothing fun or lighthearted about this – it’s all diseased and broken.

this story is as vicious as His Human Cow: Bred for Milking, which grossed me out beyond measure. the author is evidently a woman, says amazon: Cindel Sabante is a History Professor by day, and a mother, wife, and budding erotica writer by night. By age 30, Mrs. Sabante hopes to be able to travel through Europe with her family and soak in the historical sites she has only seen in print and twitter: I am a wife, mom, movie lover, and author. I enjoy sitting at my keyboard and pecking away writing erotica and romance while I sip on some wine, but it doesn’t feel like a woman’s point of view. leaving aside the not super-empowering premise of breaking down women into sex-mad beasts and selling them to the highest bidder, there’s no pleasure in the process. there’s stimulation, and an urgent need for release, but it’s mechanical, triggered by specific prompts after psychological dismantling, as involuntary as a sneeze.

look, i’m not here to judge anyone’s kinks – i can respect that everyone’s wired differently, and some people enjoy introducing an element of danger and violence to their fantasy play. consenting adults – go at it any way you please. but this isn’t a consensual situation. it’s the drugging and kidnapping of three young women, who are then restrained and subjected to electroshock treatment and guantanamo-level tectics of brainwashing/hypnosis/psychological torture, starved, sexually violated by machines and conditioned to behave like animals (in our narrator’s case, a cat) and to feel sexual responses from being treated like their assigned animal until – finally – they undergo nonconsensual surgery and are sold into sexual slavery as pets.

and i’m sorry if this is an actual kink and i am offending the practitioners of said kink by calling it gross, but i’ll risk being labeled insensitive because this is gross.

the very first sentence is Pain jolted me awake. and there’s no end to the danger-words throughout the story: scream, panic, pain, dread etc.

also, this:

With her face swollen and her hair cut nearly to her scalp, she wasn’t looking very pretty at the moment. Men were dragging her from a chair on the other side of Jennifer. Her sister was screaming at the men, and Nicole was trying to fight with them. But when a hand caught her across the face, she dropped to the floor.

She tried to stand back up but one of the men planted a foot on her back and pushed her against the ground. I couldn’t hear what they were saying but there was no denying what one of the men was fastening around Nicole’s neck. They were collaring her like an animal.

not sexy. and there’s really no way to successfully move into sexy from that starting point. not in 81 pages.

in this world, the world of dr. tsutomu sato and his human menagerie, there are both men and women on offer to the rich and powerful for whom pygmalioning secretaries into bondage queens has gotten old. the menpets make a brief appearance only, but they exist and are also suffering, so when i say that this book seems to hate women, please understand that i mean beyond the obvious hatred baked into the plot. there’s a particular undercurrent of hostility here between the women – these three friends, two of them sisters, kidnapped together and all in the same sadistic boat and yet our POV narrator kimberly still has the inclination to slut shame her friends, be jelly of their (previous) romantic success, and moan about her own perceived body flaws over the course of the book. there’s a lot of petulant inadequacy on display here, before all the brainwashing, that seems tonally awkward at best.

Jennifer, my best friend, was strapped down in the chair next to me. She was as naked as I was, with her body covered in the strange wires. And for a split second I was jealous of her. Her naked skin was flawless and her body was toned and smooth. Men flocked to her in the bars while they ignored me. Then the lights dimmed and I remembered where I was. I was chubby and she wasn’t. It didn’t matter now. We were both prisoners in this strange place.

maybe prioritize the things that are bumming you out right now, kimmy.

of course, after the conditioning, she’s able to take sexual pleasure in the subjugation of her other bestie:

Nicole was a friend, but as I looked on her being treated like some kind of misbehaving pet, I felt my nipples harden. My stomach muscles tightened and my clit tingled. I was scared for her and for myself, but there was something sexy about the men and their power. I didn’t pull my eyes away until the men led Nicole from the room on all fours, tugging on her leash the whole time.

so i guess that’s progress for the sisterhood. and spoiler alert – the chubby girl “wins” in the end, because she got all slimmed down by starvation and kittenish exercise and is a pretty frisky kitty while the (formerly) hot slutty one was turned into a fat hucow. high-five, sassy magazine!

and yet it’s hard to spin exhausted resignation to one’s fate as a triumphant sexual awakening:

I was still strapped down in an unknown building, torn from everything I’d ever known, but I didn’t care anymore.

it gets worse and weirder, but i don’t know how much i want to marinate in this shit. as a palate-cleanser, let me say that the writing in this book is frequently very repetitive.

The room didn’t stay dark for long. Strange yet soothing music filled my ears as the wall in front of me began to flash. I was drawn to the projections in front of me. And for a moment, I forgot about being tied down to a chair, or how I was drugged and taken prisoner by a bunch of men earlier in the night. All that mattered now was the wall and the pictures in front of me.

okay, back to it.

“Frisky kitty will learn to follow directions. Frisky kitties do not use their paws.”

jesus, this story….

here is one of the training videos that kimberly must view while electrodes sizzle and zap at her nipples and various pleasure nodes both external and internal:

I watched as the woman woke up and uncurled herself, stretching out languidly at the feet of the smartly dressed man. Her legs slid back and her hands moved forward as she arched her back and let her tongue loll out of her mouth in a very convincing parody of a cat. She was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen but something was off about everything. While she stretched, the man in the chair ignored her completely. She was nothing to him.

The tingle between my legs grew as I watched the strange scene in front of me. The woman sat up in front of the man, kneeling with her hands between her open legs. Her toes wiggled and she shook her ass from side to side as she waited for his attention. Her perfectly round breasts, small and supple, bounced up and down in rhythm with her playful jittering. In my head, I could hear the bell around her neck jingle.

something is indeed “off about everything.” consider the facts:

– the man in the chair ignored her completely. She was nothing to him.
– The woman sat up in front of the man…as she waited for his attention.

clearly, the “man” in this scenario is actually a cat, while the “cat” is … a dog or a human or really anything that waits patiently to be acknowledged by another creature. cats don’t wait, cats don’t beg, cats certainly do not do what happens next in the movie our feckless heroine is watching. nor would anyone want them to – i’m not sure how complete dr sato’s surgeries are, but a cat’s tongue? not ideal for providing oral pleasures. i must confess i have no empirical data to back this theory up, but there are limits to what i’m willing to google for monsterporn book reports.

so, no mention of tongue-surgery, but cat ears? check!

They were almost done healing. Carefully crafted to resemble real cat ears, the two pointy pieces of art were part of me now. A week ago my Master took me into a special room and made me sleep. When I woke up, the ears were there and they weren’t coming off. He’d anchored them to my skull. A permanent reminder of what my Master had made me.

you would think it couldn’t get any worse, and yet it DOES! because after everyone’s made their successful transitions into housepets with benefits, there’s a big pet adoption day where all the boys and girls and cats and dogs are trotted out before the wealthy savages to be played with and poked and prodded and hopefully find their forever homes! sarah mclachlan wipes a tear from her eye.

and then you realize that dr sato is really not the worst of all possible fiends. because he took care with his creations, he petted them and let them sleep on cushions by his stockinged feet and made sure that orgasms were reciprocated. because of their training, if these pet-people do not get that release after stimulus, there is so much discomfort and frantic sense of “wrong” that they go bonkers. or to put it into mister-doctor-science-talk, ”A byproduct of their conditioning,” said my Master. “Positive reinforcement is heavily used as a training tool and their orgasms are the rewards they receive for good behavior. This behavior can be broken, but I do not suggest it.” which situation of course transpires during the pet party because rich people are selfish and careless with their pets, and our cat-heroine is so overcome with need after a gentleman test drives her without giving back that when she notices a dog-boy in similar circumstances, she has no choice but to mate frantically with him until they both get the carrot after all those sticks. and honestly, after the shock torture, and making girls walk on all fours and drink from bowls and be violated by two clever machines at once, and perform sexually with a sheikh, it is this – a cat fucking a dog, that pushed the whole thing over the edge for me.because that’s just WRONG.

and let’s take a moment for poor, poor doctor sato, the man who made this all possible and the pain all of this has caused him:

Doctor Sato was furious but he hid his anger well. Seeing his pets denied simple pleasures for the amusement of their owner wasn’t something he enjoyed. But it wasn’t his place to question his clients. Once they bought the animals, they could do whatever they felt necessary with him or her. And at three million a head, it would be foolish to argue.

it must be so hard to see your dreams perverted by… perverts. all your good intentions, how could they be twisted so horribly??? all he wanted was to kidnap young girls and turn them into livestock and housepets and look at how he was crushed by the weight of all his money.

fuck it, i’m out. seriously, how can a book with such a fun silly cover

be such a grotesque disappointment?

hopefully, next month’s adventures in monsterporn will be more fun. i mean, it pretty much has to be. if you want to find out more about jennifer and her time with dr sato, feel free to read Pretty Cow – The Making of a Hucow. reading the synopsis was enough for me.

When Jenny and her friends Nicole and Kim are taken from a club, the girls have no idea what the men have in store for them.

But when they three are taken to a secret facility run by Doctor Tsutomu Sato, a genius who enjoys turning men and women into human pets for the rich and powerful, things get crazy for Jenny and her friends.

After an erotic slideshow, Jenny gets separated from the other girls and starts down a twisted path that ends with the skinny college co-ed being transformed into a thick and sexy, pampered pet cow!

And as the scared party girl becomes Sato’s pretty cow with huge breasts, she might just realize that a little brainwashing is what she’s wanted all along!

This 9,000 words short story contains bondage, electro-stimulation, mind control, mad scientists, bulls with MASSIVE packages, a college co-ed being fattened up and turned into a human cow, and LOTS of warm milk!


i have vowed to rededicate myself to the study of monsterporn and other bizarrerotica this year, but this one … was not what i was expecting. not cool, book. not cool at all. review to come. for now, dismayed cat gifs.

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