Fool Stop Trippin'Fool Stop Trippin’ by Tina Brooks McKinney
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i am floating this because i just cannot WAIT for monica!s review, and i am hoping everyone will email her with similar anxieties.

this is not the book that is going to redeem the novel-as-concept for buck mulligan.

there is nothing “necessary” about this novel.

however, there aren’t many books that can boast a political rant about bush’s treatment of the katrina situation, anal masturbation, voodoo spirits, and an adult bed-wetting, all within the first fifteen pages.

and i gently mock, but it’s true i didn’t read the first two installments of this trilogy, so i may be missing key elements in the narrative. i only bought this as an extra book to read for the urban fiction segment of my class because i have kept it in the store for two years now, hoping someone would fall in love with it based on its awesome title/cover, and now it is out of print, and i felt bad, so i said,”well, if no one else will buy it, i will!!” which i do a lot, and it gets me into all sorts of trouble. if i worked in a pound, i am sure it would be much, much worse.

however—if i had read the first two books in this trilogy, i would have been very pissed off at the ending of this one. had i invested all sorts of time into reading this series, the ending would have been a serious letdown. as it happens, it was just comical and puzzling to me, with minimal damage to my peace of mind.

but i had a lot of fun with this book. most of the fun involved me toddling along behind naressa and reading portions aloud to her in the very whitest of voices. this caused her to revoke the “honorary black” status she bestowed upon me only weeks earlier. easy come, easy go!!

she hates me now, but i will win her back.

i dunnothis book just could have used some editing. it is wildly inconsistent. on the one hand, there is a lot of final-g dropping, which is fine, but then that is juxtaposed with what i call robot-writing, which is where contractions are avoided at all costs, making it completely awkward-sounding:

“Tell me how you are feeling.”


“Baby, what’s wrong? You look like you have seen a ghost.”


“It seems that I have something to prove to you that does not need witnesses.”


“Where are you? I have walked a hole in my carpet.”


“I will holla at you”

contrast with:

“Hell to the fucking no!! He blew his chance. I wouldn’t go out with his ass again if I was wearing gasoline drawers and he had the only water hose in the state.”

you see what i mean about contrast? it’s all over the map.

some wonderful lines, though:

I am going to order up some tall dick or two with a side of latex as my first meal of the day when i get to my hotel.

the newest hallmark card:

Tarcia could suck a mint out my mouth and through my dick, that’s how talented she is. she knows how to please a man with her mouth and her pussy. If someone can just get past her other quirky habits, she’s a good catch.

but ow, though.


He washes my butt like it’s fine china.

can you believe no one would buy this for TWO YEARS???

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