Defend the Grounds (Legend, #1)Defend the Grounds by Samuel Sattin
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as much as i hate to use a word so overused that it has lost all its potency, there is no better: this here is the start of something epic.

and i do stress the word “start.” because you can already tell that this is going to be a slow burn. things happen here – boy, do they – but a lot of the narrative space in this first volume is taken up by backstory/mythology; establishing the relationships between characters and species and giving several creatures the opportunity to describe their memories of the time before the apocalypse, their adventures and their previous relationships with humans, both good and bad. the flashback sequences and the main story are illustrated by two different artists, which made for a richer texture and contrast throughout.

and daaaaaaamn, that art

 photo IMG_0111_zps9ru6wbsc.jpg

 photo IMG_0112_zpsdrupxpp1.jpg

 photo IMG_0117_zpsx0e1efjz.jpg

 photo IMG_0118_zpsocaui2pn.jpg

i just love all of it. the bleak tone, the semi-defined threats, and even one of the dog’s sour opinion of cats:

 photo IMG_0113_zpsazj7gzg5.jpg

oh, and did i mention these are armored cats? with arrows and badass combat training and a code?

 photo IMG_0122_zps7fxwdifj.jpg

the main focus of the story is on the dogs, but these cats, man:

 photo IMG_0115_zpsqu0uqucs.jpg

they are stealing the show.

 photo IMG_0120_zpsa2uhogfp.jpg

there is also a horrible bird, if that’s not redundant.

 photo IMG_0123_zpsknczbuu3.jpg

i am obsessed with the art, and i am desperate to see where this story is going. i already love it and it’s barely even begun, but i am very confident that it will deliver..

there’s also a bunch of backmatter after the story; art and also some additional stories which flesh out the world of legend in a way that makes me even more eager for the next installment, because people who are willing to take this much time building their mythology are my kind of people.

 photo IMG_0124_zpst9beyfve.jpg

please tell me when there will be more. i hunger for it.


every bit as good as i had hoped!! review to come, but definitely go out and grab it while you wait. (that’s what she said)


Cormac McCarthy meets Watership Down??????

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