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Bred by the Minotaur ArmyBred by the Minotaur Army by Jane Amber
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i think i am tired of minotaur intercourse.

an unbelievable statement, no?? but i am. i read this for my seeecret monsterotica reading group, but this wouldn’t have been my first choice; i like to diversify when it comes to my monsterporn, and having already read The Horny Minotaur, i mean – one doesn’t read master and margarita and then go read the cat in the hat. behemoth is the ne plus ultra of cats. the horny minotaur redefined the minotaur-porn genre, and reading another minotaur book is just a letdown, even if this minotaur does have multiple genital-piercings.

i am still having difficulties wrapping my head around minotaur triple-penetration. there just seems like too much body to permit such an act.

i decided to do the neighborly thing, and GIS “triple minotaur penetration” for you, and this is what came up.


one more time into the fray for you people, and this is what i learned: if you’re raped by a minotaur army, they’re gonna get burned…

a rhyming couplet! with a spoiler!
but it was worth it!

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