Badly Timed BonersBadly Timed Boners by Jolyon White
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this book gave me whatever the opposite of a boner is. for a girl.

i’ve been reading and reviewing lots of these little humor books lately, because i need some laffs. and i am a girl who sees the word “boner” on a book and expects that giggles will surely follow.

but that did not happen.

the concept is simple: when would it be an awkward time to get an erection? and then there are over 100 examples.

 photo IMG_7439_zpsbfe7rfs5.jpg

however, not only is the artwork not to my personal taste (badly drawn boners, am i right?), but the same joke is used over and over and over:

 photo IMG_7441_zpsrfx47001.jpg

 photo IMG_7440_zpsgbkivo92.jpg

 photo IMG_7436_zpsnsclxe3e.jpg

 photo IMG_7437_zpsvgagq5kb.jpg

& etc.

it’s just uninspired, if “inspiration” isn’t too lofty an expectation to have for a peen-centric humor book. it’s not all variations on that one joke, but too much of it felt same-y and unimaginative.

and if someone could please explain this one to mei don’t even know what’s meant to be happening here:

 photo IMG_7443_zpsfqdvoyf8.jpg

i was so frustrated with the meh of the artwork, i found myself crankily applying way too much logic to the situations. like this one:

 photo e1590873-f8cc-46a4-a08c-e908f1b40bd4_zpskchswfum.jpg

this is an unlikely scenario. and honestly, the boner is the least of this guy’s problems. i don’t know anything about him, but i suspect he is someone who consistently makes poor choices.

and this:

 photo IMG_7445_zpsao9xptte.jpg

just think about roadkill for a while and take another picture, dude. although, it is kind of romantic, i suppose.

but you see how i turned into a logic-grump? and that is no way to enjoy a boner.

i’m not sure what a successful version of this book would look like, but for me, it would have better art and more boner variety.

there was only one i liked, and it’s just because i’m such a sharkfan:

 photo IMG_7446_zpse1kpgrrn.jpg

hopefully this book hasn’t soured me on the hilarity-potential of boners in general. that would be a tragedy.

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