Uncle Sam’s Carnival of Copulating InanimalsUncle Sam’s Carnival of Copulating Inanimals by Kirk Jones
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furniture is dirrrrrrty!

i am such a doofus. by which i mean to say, “i lack aptitude for conceptual analysis.” this is why i think i am unable to fully jump on board the bizarro train. because, with this book – i loved so much of it, but i am pretty sure i am just appreciating it on the most basic, knuckle-dragging, “dude, those furnitures are totally doing it” and “hahaahah that guy’s parents died.” you know? because i loved the multiple amputations and the beautiful female love interest with her empty eye sockets, and the community of circus performers that makes me mourn carnivale – i think all of that is marvelous.

but i know i am missing the subtext.

when there are characters called “liberty” and “uncle sam,” i assume there is some kind of modern-day morality play at work here, and while i can identify themes of depersonalization and cultural disaffection, i know that i am just watching the tail of something disappear around a corner, and i have no fucking hope of catching up. i am missing the big picture here. and that’s my own damn fault – i walk around in a haze of twss and pewter unicorn figurines; my perspective and my sphere of awareness is very very small; like a peephole to the world around me.

i am sure i can make greg read this and explain it to me; he picks up the slack on everything i am too stupid to handle on my own, like taxes and APA citations.

but so read this book – feel smarter than me – chat up kirk on here, he is really nice and has written a very good book that is cleverer than i am.

heh. they are doing it.

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