There's a Giant Trapdoor Spider Under Your Bed (Dark Corners collection)There’s a Giant Trapdoor Spider Under Your Bed by Edgar Cantero
My rating: 3/5 cats
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i loved the beginning of this. i loved the trepidation of, “wait, what? is this really happening?” and all its goofy-spookiness. but then its goofy began to outweigh its spooky — which would ordinarily be fine; cantero’s brand of goofy is just what i like, but it started going somewhere i couldn’t follow. i don’t know if you need to have read (or seen) any harry potterses to best understand/appreciate this story, but i have neither read nor seen, although i ate some harry potter jelly beans one time, and they were gross. as a story that captures the spirit of childhood and slumber party logic and contagious terror, it’s a lot of fun. i just felt like i was missing something trying to read around all the harry potter bits. life is hard for the hp-ignorant. there’s safety in numbers and danger for lonesomes.

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