The Wonderful Stag, or The Courtship of Red Elsie: A OriginalThe Wonderful Stag, or The Courtship of Red Elsie: A Original by Kathleen Jennings
My rating: 3/5 cats
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And in time, at last, with the innocent curiosity of a wild thing which knows itself rare and precious in the world, the creature appeared. It picked its way into the glade before the boulders, the soft-chiming rings shining in the new starlight.

the synopsis of this one promises a fairy tale equal parts gorgeous and gruesome, but what it doesn’t say is that this tor short is SO short.

my smalleyed early morning reading self is grateful for this, but my reviewing self is somewhat at a loss for what to say about it. it was indeed as advertised, sort of like the aesop story of the goose and the golden egg party-crashed by david cronenberg.

i mean, that about covers it, really. considering how much time i spent thinking about and then writing about the last tor short i read, let’s leave it there and call it even.

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