The LastThe Last by Hanna Jameson
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i was offered an e-ARC of this book and encouraged to go in blind. i read the synopsis, obviously, to make sure it was within my (admittedly very broad) reading tastes, and from that, i gathered that it was a locked-room mystery with a twist: a young girl’s body is found on the premises of a swiss hotel that is still standing in the aftermath of a nuclear war that has destroyed most of the world, leaving twenty people struggling to make sense of this altered global landscape and now also a murrrrderrrrrr.

the blurbs name-dropped Stephen King, Agatha Christie, The Girl With All the Gifts, Annihilation, calling it “nightmarish,” a”dystopian psychological thriller,” “haunting;” a combination that made me think this was going to be Clue + The Shining + The Road, and that’s a big old ball of YES PLEASE for karen.

do those blurbs accurately convey the tone and content of this book? weeeeellllll… again, i was encouraged to go in blind, and i don’t want to make decisions for anyone else, but mother nature gave us spoiler tags, so imma use them. not to talk about any *actual* plot spoilers, but to share more broadly what this book feels like to read; which expectations were met by the readalikes and which were not. so, it will be tonal spoilers only.

to click or not to click? think of it this way: say you saw the trailer for The Cabin in the Woods and thought – ooh – a horror movie! and then you watched The Cabin in the Woods and realized it was just pretending to be a horror movie. did you feel:

A) misled and cranky
B) delighted
C) what’s The Cabin in the Woods?

if A, view spoiler. if B, do not view spoiler. if C, put down that book, ya nerd!


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so, that’s what the book is and is not. did i like it? i did. mostly. it meanders a bit, as i’ve mentioned to those of you who went to spoilertown, but for the most part, it achieves its goals of what-iffing the apocalypse and showing how miscommunication, paranoia and sectional alliances can be pretty darn destructive. and nukes. also destructive.

the only other thing i struggled with is a completely personal gripe that i’m mentioning strictly as a self-reminder should i ever need to catalog my own aversions.

the world we live in is fucked. and it’s an especially embarrassing time to be an american. but i have a personal squicky discomfort when contemporary political elements creep into my escapist entertainment.

there’s something off-putting to me about reading this book, whose end-of-world scenario was clearly brought about by our great orange shame, where a character who voted for him is berated by others as complicit to this end-of-world scenario and it basically turns into any day on twitter – vitriolic, divisive, unproductive, issue-laden. it’s completely me and my problem – i had the same reaction to American Horror Story: Cult, and even The Good Fight, although it was used in a much more organic n’ humorous way there.

i think my problem is when what’s already bad is made worse for entertainment; an alarmist spear poking me in the place i’m turning to as an escape.

we know it’s bad. trust me, we are all fully alarmed. the news already feels like a horror movie, i don’t want my horror to feel like the news.

but that’s just me being feeling overwhelmed by how everything is falling apart. quick – raccoons!

three and a half stars cats, rounded up.

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