Survival LessonsSurvival Lessons by Alice Hoffman
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this is not the kind of book i would ordinarily read – on first glance, it seems like the kind of touchy-feely sentimental stuff i tend to avoid because i am a robot and all, but it was sent as part of a care package from the kind kind people of goodreads when i was going through my cancerish surgery over the summer, and GR-staffer suzanne said that alice munro told her this was the book she wished she had had when she was going through her own cancer battle.

so i gave it a shot, because i was so grateful and bewildered that the place i have lovingly come to think of as my second home actually cared back.

and while much of it is advice that i cannot or will not apply to my own life, there’s something satisfyingly honest in reading how someone else dealt with their obstacles and remained chipper and willing to give back to fans who might be going through a similar struggle. although my own circumstances were much less severe than hoffman’s (knock three month’s worth of wood), the sentiment was still appreciated, in the way her experiences made her both vulnerable and strong.

so i am taking some wine-drenched moments on this lovely thanksgiving evening to say “thank you” to the goodreads employees who so thoughtfully reached out to me, and for all of you here who sent well-wishes during my crummiest moments and who every day make even the not-crummy times better. i love you all, my little booknerd buddies, and i embrace you with sloppy drunken sincerity and well-wishes times a billion.

may you never need to survive anything.

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