Solution: A OriginalSolution: A Original by Brian Evenson
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I have not sold my soul to the devil. I used to think that there was just a simple either/or: either sell your soul or wait to wither away and die. But I have come to realize there is a third possibility: to become the devil himself. Do that, and all sold souls shall belong to you.

YEEEESH brian evenson, YEEEEEESH!

i haven’t read nearly as much brian evenson as i should, considering how much i delight in his dark weird ways whenever i come across one of his stories here or there, and considering how many of his books i already have, just sitting here unread.

this one only reinforces my determination to GET ON THOSE BOOKS, punching me right in my 2020 balls. not only does that cover resemble some maskless jackass blowing covid all over the world, or at least my commute, the story—the solution—itself is where i feel we’re all at right now: a shrug and a topple into the inevitable—scorch it, salt it, burn it all down, step aside and see what takes our place.

but it’s much creepier when brian evenson says it.

read it for yourself here:…

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