Slow Burner (Hush collection)Slow Burner by Laura Lippman
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as much as i prefer reading a three-dimensional physical book-book, there are some perks to having an e-reader, not the least of which is all that digital-only content out there taunting me in its virtual glory, particularly these amazon original stories i’ve had my eye on for ages; thematically-linked collections of stories featuring so many of my favorite authors.

we were kept apart for so long, until recently, when a friend of mine upgraded his kindle and donated his old kindle fire to meee, and even though i’m still mystified by many of its features, poking at it like a caveman until it does what i want, i now have several of these stories on deck and i am delighted as a person can be in the flaming hellscape of 2020. thanks, john!

this was the first one i tried, and even though it was “only” a three-star cat read for me, i wasn’t disappointed. it was a like-not-love only because it was very short and i saw where it was going pretty early on, so i didn’t get the WOWZA of surprise the story intended me to have. still, it’s a well-written tale about the consequences of infidelity, and i enjoyed the ride, brief as it was. my favorite detail is that she managed to toss a reference to The Wire into a story centered around burner phones, because i like to imagine it was part of her and david simon’s vows to name-drop each other in their work whenever possible, even in a story about a lousy marriage.

from the hush collection:

Where do you go for truth in an age of social media illusions and deep divisions? How do you trust what you think you know about your friends and family? In stories featuring conspirators, psychics, deceptive lovers, and desperate killers, some of today’s most popular and award-winning crime writers explore the very nature of truth and the risks in uncovering the lies.

Slow Burner
The Gift
Let Her Be

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